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Everything That Went Down At LeBron James's Epic Party In Toronto Last Night

LeBron James throws a party at EFS Toronto ahead of Raptors game tonight.

As you may already be aware, the Toronto Raptors are hosting the Los Angeles Lakers at the Scotiabank Arena tonight for what will likely be an intense game. Ahead of tonight's game, King James himself threw a massive rager at the popular spot EFS on King Street West on Wednesday night. 

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Unsurprisingly, James's Toronto event got quite the turnout. It seemed like every LeBron James fan in the city showed up just to catch a glimpse of his 6'8" frame in person. EFS was packed wall to wall on Wednesday night, which the club documented on their Instagram story.

Via EFS_Toronto

Via EFS_Toronto

Raptors newcomer Kawhi Leonard was reportedly in attendance last night as well. Which is likely to make a few Raptors fans uncomfortable, as Leonard's status as a free agent means he isn't tied down to Toronto next season. Los Angeles could be on his radar.

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“Kawhi Leonard is in fact in attendance at LeBron James Toronto Reunion.” pic.twitter.com/OK86ikmqtB

March 14, 2019

Kawhi to Lakers confirmed

March 14, 2019

James rolled into the venue looking pretty low-key in a red cap, a grey hoodie, sneakers and a sensible black jacket for a chilly night in Toronto. A few attendees managed to get selfies with him throughout the night.

Via @EFS_Toronto

@misterjustintembedded via  

It's unclear right now whether any other Raptor made an appearance last night as well. Or whether Drake managed to squeeze it into his busy schedule. But, it's clear that James doesn't need anyone else's help to throw a successful rager in the six.