Kanye West has been making headlines lately...and it's not for his music or his clothing line, but rather for his erratic behaviour. Although he has always been known for his outbreaks (who remembers the Taylor Swift VMAs moment?), it has become very clear that Kanye West is definitely not doing well.

The rapper was hospitalized yesterday for unknown reasons and while the situation is still not clear, here's everything we know so far:


1. He was hospitalized after canceling all remaining tour dates for his Saint Pablo Tour.

Kanye was set to perform 21 more shows for the last leg of his tour before the end of 2016.


2. This past weekend, he went on an erratic rant during a show in Sacramento, before walking off stage.

He went off about Donald Trump (stating that if he voted, he would have voted for Trump), Hilary Clinton, Jay-Z, and Beyonce.


3. He was taken to UCLA Medical Centre via ambulance the evening of November 21st following a 911 call for a 'welfare check'.

It was reported that it was due to "over-exhaustion".


4. Kanye was restrained and taken against his own will for a psychiatric evaluation.

It's been said that no criminal activity occurred and it was purely for the safety of Kanye.


5. Nov. 2oth, the day of the Sacramento concert rant, is the anniversary of his mother's death.

58-year-old Donda West passed away in November 2007 due to complication during surgery. Many have stated that Kanye has never been the same since.


6. There were signs that Kanye West's mental well being has been declining ever since his wife, Kim Kardashian, was robbed and held at gun point in Paris back in October.

He has since gone on several rants mid-concert, as well as canceled several shows directly after the robbery.


7. Kim Kardashian canceled her appearance at the Angel Ball last night after news of Kanye's hospitalization.

This would have been Kim's first public appearance since her robbery. Her sister's Kourtney and Khloe still attended.

8. While many fans are outraged about the end of the tour, others are wishing only the best for their favourite rapper.

Thousands have expressed their support for Kanye on social media, even creating the hashtag #PrayForKanye.