Kim Kardashian has been out of the spotlight for longer than she's ever been. Actually, come to think of it, Kim has been permanently in the spotlight since she stepped onto the scene. For those of you who've missed her, Kimmy K is back!

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After being robbed at gunpoint in Paris back in October, the world hasn't seen much of Kim Kardashian, until this brand new released video. Prepare yourself, it's steamy:

via @thelovemagazine

So what exactly is this other worldy video? 

The video was made for the advent calendar of "LOVE Magazine". It is a series of sexy videos, one released each day until Christmas, featuring some of the most beautiful celebs and models of 2016.

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 Kim's video was released on the 12th day of the advent calendar of LOVE Magazine.

This video was directed by James Lima and would have possibly been shot before the attack in Paris. This means that Kim Kardashian may not actually be "back" at all, but simply a promotional video that was scheduled to be released regardless.

via @thelovemagazine

Other models that took part in the calendar include Hiedi Klum, Irina Shayk, and another member of the Jenner-Kardashian klan, Kendall.

There are still 13 days left on the advent, so we'll see who else joins Kim with these sexy shoots!