In unsurprising TTC news, major Line 1 subway closures are going to make it impossible for you to get downtown. To accommodate the Eglinton Crosstown LRT line, which has been under construction for about a century now, subway closures will be in effect almost every single weekend this summer. 

First and foremost, subway service will be completely shut down between Lawrence and St. Clair station this weekend, next weekend, and the weekend after that. The 97 Yonge bus will be running as an alternative. 

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Also this month, Finch West to Lawrence West stations will be closed on July 28th and 29th, with shuttle buses operating instead. If you're heading east on the Bloor line this month, be prepared for closures between St. George and Broadview on July 8th and 22nd.

In August, the closures get even worse. Lawrence to St. Clair will be closed on August 11th and 12th. The following weekend, subway service will be shut down from Lawrence all the way to Bloor/Yonge. Then, Finch West to Lawrence West will be closed again on August 25th and 26th.


It doesn't stop there, folks. Lawrence to St. Clair will be closed on 8 separate weekends between September and December. Sheppard/Yonge to St. Clair will be closed for two weekends in October, including Halloween weekend. Not that you need to be thinking that far ahead just yet, but we wanted to let you know what you're in for.

According to the TTC's website, "one weekend of work during a subway closure equals about five weeks of nightly work." They also make note that 24 of the subway closures scheduled for 2018 are to accommodate the Eglinton Crosstown line.

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Once it's all said and done, that Eglinton line better be absolutely incredible for everything it put us through.

To see the full list of subway closures for the year, click here.