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Extreme Cold Weather Alert Issued For Toronto And Will Likely Stay In Effect Into Next Week

Extreme cold weather alert issued for Toronto, ahead of freezing temperatures and another snowstorm Monday.
Extreme Cold Weather Alert Issued For Toronto And Will Likely Stay In Effect Into Next Week

After a short-lived break from the extreme cold this week, it's back to reality for Toronto and the GTA.  Another extreme cold weather alert has been issued today as temperatures take a steep dive into the negatives. The alert was issued by Dr. Eileen de Villa, Toronto's Medical Officer of Health, and will remain in effect until further notice. Based on the current forecast, that may be until at least a week from now.

On this bitter Friday in late January, Toronto sits at  -4°C, feeling closer to -12°C. Toronto will also reportedly see some snow today - about 2 cm, not nearly as much as other parts of southern Ontario. "Squalls will develop through the early hours on Friday, persisting and strengthening through Friday night, with significant accumulations in store for some," The Weather Network reports.

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The weekend ahead will be even colder - Saturday will see a high of just -9°C, which will feel like -15°C with wind chill values. Sunday shows a high of  -6°C, clouds and flurries.

But, just don't take my word for it - see for yourself. This is Toronto's current 7-day forecast on The Weather Network:

Via Toronto | TWN

But, it's not until Monday the 28th that the snow really starts to come down. Various forecasters predict that Toronto will see anywhere from 10 to 20 cm of snow. Plus the cherry on top - a high of -11°C, feeling like -21°C. 

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"While it is too early to be certain of the exact storm track and the resulting snow totals, confidence is increasing that this storm will have a significant impact on our region during Monday night and Tuesday," TWN forecasters report.

As for today's snowfall, TWN says that it'll start slow this morning and pick up towards the evening and overnight. Here's how much is expected across the province by tomorrow:

Via Ontario | TWN

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