Extreme Cold Weather Is Coming To The GTA Yet Again And These Areas Will Feel The Worst Of It

Another extreme cold weather warning is coming to the GTA.
Extreme Cold Weather Is Coming To The GTA Yet Again And These Areas Will Feel The Worst Of It

As a result of the insane snow storm last night, the city is recovering from absolute chaos thanks to rough road conditions, freezing temperatures and of course, a lot of snow. Unfortunately, while it seems like we are now experiencing the calm after the storm, it turns out the brutal weather isn't finished with Ontario just yet. While the worst may be over, experts still say there is more coming today. 

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Meteorologist Mark Schuster claims that lingering flurries will be arriving throughout Ontario today, though it won't be snowfall significant enough that you should hold off on shovelling your driveway. When it comes to the temperature, it's expected to reach -6°C, though, with a significant wind chill expected in the afternoon, you should prepare for it to feel like -18°C. 

Unfortunately the later we get into the day, the colder it is going to become. Schuster claims that Environment Canada may be putting out yet another extreme cold weather warning considering temperatures are expected to nosedive as low as -29°C.

Areas west of the GTA, including the Hamilton-Niagara region, are projected to feel the worst of it yet again, according to Schuster. 

Though regardless of whether harsh weather was incoming or not, today's commute will still be a mess. With the city currently battling 26.4 cm of snow that is clogging up roads, leaving transit lines heavily congested and stranding residents, it's safe to say you might want to stay in today if you can. 

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Environment Canada is reminding people to take similar precautions to what was recommended yesterday ahead of the big storm.

Ontarians should be checking the weather before leaving the house, dressing appropriately, considering rescheduling their plans if they are occurring outside and helping out vulnerable friends or family if they are in need of help with preparing. 

Source:Toronto Star