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Facebook Is Now Being Accused Of Influencing The Ontario Election

Not long after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckergberg was grilled by US Congress for their role in the Cambridge Analytica Scandal, some Canadians are accusing facebook of again letting fake users influence an election. 

Facebook users are accusing the social media network of being complacent and not removing fake accounts be created with the sole purpose of sharing propaganda relating to the upcoming Ontario Election. In a Reddit thread users shared where they have seen these fake accounts, from the comment sections on CBC Facebook posts to groups like Ontario Proud. 

The original Reddit poster  shared all their clues to spot a phony Facebook account including generic and false work and education experience, made up addresses that don't exist in the city the user claims to live in, and having only been on Facebook for a few months. 

The biggest red flag with these fake accounts is that the only posts or pictures on their profiles are related to the election and they frequently share propaganda against certain politicians or parties in order to try to sway Ontario voters one way or another. 

Via /imadeapatch

While this may seem shocking, most people aren't surprised. In fact Reddit users on the thread were pretty much expecting this to happen after Facebook's scandal in the American election and the rise of fake news in the couple of years. 

Ontarians have to be vigilant about checking out where the information they see is coming from, because apparently we still can't escape fake news. 

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