Yesterday, a vigil and rally were held in Toronto in honour of the victims of the New Zealand mosque terror attacks.  The event's atmosphere quickly went from sombre to tense as soon as a group of far-right activists arrived at the scene. The rally, called Unite Against Racism, was intended to promote the speaking out against all forms of racism and discrimination. It was disrupted by a group of far-right supporters, including alleged white supremacist Faith Goldy.

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Police swiftly intervened, removing numerous people from the rally after a brawl broke out between the two groups. Goldy and the group held up signs that read, "Not all white men" and "It's okay to be white".

Once Goldy and her petitioners were escorted off the premises, the rally was able to continue.  Police indicate to 680News that likely no one will be charged as a result of the fight.

Faith Goldy is a Canadian political commentator whose views have been described as alt-right and white nationalist.  At one time, she worked for The Rebel Media, a Canadian far-right political and social commentary media website.  She was terminated from her role at the company after she appeared on The Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi website.

This evening I attended the #UniteAgainstRacism rally in Toronto and it was so weird how people became really racist once I held up my sign!Vid out in a bit.

March 21, 2019

"Anti-Racist" Rage At #NotAllWhiteMenWatch what *really* happened at the #UniteAgainstRacism Rally in Toronto...👉

March 22, 2019

As part of her live-streamed YouTube series, Canada First, Goldy released a video detailing her perspective of the New Zealand Christchurch terror attacks just three days ago.  In the video, Goldy criticizes mainstream politics, and personally addresses the "disempowered white man".

The attendees of the Unite Against Racism rally, as well as many members of the general public, are calling out Faith Goldy and her supporters for inappropriately expressing their far-right philosophies.

People are especially upset that the far-right extremists chose the anti-racism vigil and rally as their platform to express and communicate their hateful ideas, so soon after the world encountered such horrific terror in the New Zealand shootings.

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We all have a responsibility to #UniteAgainstRacism. Both Faith Goldy and the yellow vests attempted to disrupt tonight’s rally. All they’ve done is reaffirm the importance of standing together to fight racism and injustice. I believe that we will win.

March 22, 2019

this piece of shit showed up to the #UniteAgainstRacism protest wearing a MAGA hat. what was the point.

March 22, 2019

Faith Goldy tried and failed to disrupt this show of unity! #UniteAgainstRacism we are many! We are more!

March 21, 2019