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Faith Goldy Finished Third In The Toronto Mayoral Election And Says This Is Just The Beginning

Over 25,000 Torontonians voted for her.
Faith Goldy Finished Third In The Toronto Mayoral Election And Says This Is Just The Beginning

It's all over for another four years. Last night, John Tory was re-elected as the mayor of Toronto after a 10-month long campaign against 34 other candidates.

Tory took over 63 percent of the city's vote. Coming second to Tory was Jennifer Keesmaat, with over 23 percent of the vote. While these two were pretty much guaranteed to be at the top of the polls, it was the mayoral candidate who came in third place that completely shocked the city of Toronto. Well, 96 percent of Toronto, at least.

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No. That’s your version of reality. The real version is - she had about 25,667 votes too many.

October 23, 2018

Faith Goldy - also known as Ontario's female Donald Trump - came through with just under 4 percent of Toronto's vote. That accounts for over 25,000 ballots. While that's a landslide from winning, the support she has in Toronto is super surprising and to many, quite concerning.

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Goldy is infamous for her super right-wing views and is referred to by many as a white nationalist. She's voiced opinions such as kicking illegal migrants out of Canada and monitoring finances coming in and out of Toronto's Islamic centres.

Goldy also wants to bring back carding, the controversial policy which allows Toronto Police Services to stop, question, and document individuals when no particular offence is being investigated. Ontario restrained carding back in 2017 to prevent people from being investigated based on their race or presence in a high-crime neighbourhood.

In a response to her loss last night, Goldy sent out a tweet that made one thing very clear - this isn't the last we'll be seeing of her. She tweeted that she was extremely humbled by all the support she received, referring to herself in the third person as "The People's candidate." She thanked those involved in her campaign and went on to say, "We had higher energy & worked harder than the others, placing on the podium. This is the beginning..."

In her Twitter bio, the 29-year-old refers to herself as the "Next Prime Minister of Canada". With a surprising amount of support from Torontonians and beyond, who knows, the next Prime Minister of Canada could be right where she's headed.

SO HUMBLED by every single Torontonian who put his vote behind The People’s candidate!To our volunteers: YOUR sacrifice drives me to serve in all that I do.I love you all!We had higher energy & worked harder than the others, placing on the podium.This is the beginning...

October 23, 2018

However, for every one supporter she has, she's got a dozen haters and that's been made very clear on Twitter. "So glad you didn’t get the chance to ruin the city that I love," one user said.

As a Canadian citizen and Toronto voter and first-generation immigrant, I am celebrating the temporary defeat of small-minded, divisive politics -- and committing myself to work hard to make sure nobody like @FaithGoldy ever attains a shred of meaningful political power.

October 23, 2018

Afraid? Quite the contrary; fear is what goldy’s all about. Labeling war victims as criminals. Whenever she opens her mouth all you hear is “sharia sharia sharia” which is fueling hate/paranoia towards Muslims who immigrated to Canada because they want nothing to do with that.

October 23, 2018

Currently, Goldy has a Youtube following of over 80,000 subscribers. She appears on broadcasts, podcasts and isn't shy to let her extremist views be known. It's not clear yet what her next plans are in the political world. But as she said herself, this is only the beginning.Source:Twitter, Global News

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