Update (Tuesday, May 21st, 3:00 PM ET): TTC confirms that regular service has resumed for Woodbine, Main Street, and Victoria Park. Service between Woodbine and Broadview remains suspended as police continue their search for the trespasser.

Drama is once again unfolding at a Toronto subway station. According to Toronto Police Services, officers are now at Woodbine Subway Station after two men supposedly began fighting. Police allege that one of the men was "dragged" into the subway. Police were forced to chase after one of the suspects as they fled the scene on foot by jumping onto the tracks. 

Police say that as of just after 2:00 PM on Tuesday, the power was cut between Victoria Park and Broadview stations. 

According to the TTC, there is currently no service between Victoria Park and Broadview while police deal with the trespasser. Shuttle buses are now running between the stations. Some commuters claim that the shuttle buses are filling up quickly.

Incidents of people running onto the subway tracks are becoming weirdly common for the TTC. Earlier in May, Toronto Police reported that a man had jumped onto the tracks at North York Centre Subway Station and began running through the tunnels. The station was forced to cut its power which ultimately led to a service suspension on Line 1.

Back in April, police were notified of yet another strange subway occurrence by the public, after a man was spotted pouring a stroller filled with fuel all over McCowan Station. It was never disclosed if officers were able to arrive in time to arrest the man. Thankfully, no one was hurt as a result of the strange incident.