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Filming Of Bachelor In Paradise Has Been Shut Down Due To Alleged Misconduct

Just last week, the cast announcement of this year's Bachelor in Paradise had fans excited for the season to come. Sadly, it looks like the season may never air due to allegations of misconduct. 

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As of now, the entire cast has been sent home and there is no word on whether production will resume. While the team at Warner Bro is staying tight-lipped about what went down, sources close to Demario Jackson recently spoke to TMZ about the alleged incident that led to the halt in production. 

According to TMZ, it was a raunchy hookup between Demario and Bachelor villain Corinne that caused the drama. In the report, Demario's sources claim that while in the pool, the contestants took off their clothes, started making out and "rubbing, touching and fingering."

After watching the footage, an executive producer on the show filed a formal complaint with Warner Bros, who immediately halted production and launched an investigation. 

Of course Corinne is involved. 

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