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Finals Tickets To The Raptors Are Actually Selling For Over $100,000 A Piece

StubHub tickets are reaching prices over $100,000.
Ontario Editor
Finals Tickets To The Raptors Are Actually Selling For Over $100,000 A Piece

For the first time in history, the Toronto Raptors will be moving onto the NBA finals after beating the Bucks in a nailbiting game at 100-94. While fans took the streets to celebrate last night and excitement is in the air, buying some tickets to see the final games first hand might be a bit difficult. Some finals tickets to the Raptors are actually selling for over $100,000 a piece. 

The city will only have a few days to rest before the Raptors host their first finals game against the Golden State Warriors this Thursday. While first game tickets are in the thousands, it's Game 2 that has even crazier prices. 

Game 2 is taking place on Sunday, June 2, and depending on who wins the first four games of the series, it may be the Raptor's final home game of the season. Due to this, ticket prices are rising as people desperately try to get tickets to what could be their last chance to see the Raptors play at Scotiabank Arena. 

Multiple tickets are currently on sale right now on StubHub and the most expensive one that is listed for Game 2 at the moment is going for $44,999.10 USD.

[rebelmouse-image 25936038 photo_credit="StubHub" expand=1 original_size="959x596"]

Yes, that's not a typo. One seller is selling two courtside North seats for $44,999.10 USD each. That amounts to approximately $60,467.54 CAD a ticket.  

However, if you aren't a courtside person and are just looking for the cheapest ticket being sold, it's still going to cost you over a thousand dollars. One ticket is being sold for Game 2 in section 312. This ticket is being sold on its own for $995.00 USD or $1,3337.03 CAD. 

[rebelmouse-image 25936039 photo_credit="StubHub" expand=1 original_size="956x764"]

That's not even the worst of it. Game 7, AKA the final game of the series and the entire basketball season, which will only be played if necessary, actually has a ticket that is being sold in courtside South for $112,500 USD or $151,171.88 CAD. 

So if you were looking to get a seat in any of these finals games, you might want to start working some extra shifts to save up within the next few days. 

Luckily, tickets aren't the only way we can watch the Raptors take home the championships, and you can bet that Jurassic Park will be as busy as ever with fans lined up and cheering on our home team. 

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