Toronto Police are currently investigating a car accident involving five people. The collision occurred on Monday afternoon and actually involved two incidents that caused the major crash. 

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The crashes were in the area of Keele Street by the 401 highway. After the first crash happened, a tow truck rushing to the scene caused a second collision, boosting the number of cars involved up to five. 

5 vehicles involved in multiple crashes on Keele at 401. One car ends up on a front porch, tow truck rushing to scene causes a secondary crash. One person taken to hospital. @CityNews

August 20, 2018

One of the five vehicles involved ended up hitting someone's nearby home, with the car actually landing on their front porch. Witnesses told City News that the driver was trying to attempt a U-turn on Keele before losing control of the vehicle. 

The second vehicle was hit after the driver attempted the U-turn further colliding with a third car. The third vehicle was the one that ended up hitting the fence and landing on the front porch of a nearby home.

Collision: Keele st / Falstaff-1 veh struck a residential building-no injuries reported-Police on scene-NB Keele redirected to Rustic Rd-2nd collision in the same area, 2 vehs-injuries reported, 1 patient transported to hospital#GO1537357 / #GO1537362^ka

August 20, 2018

The tow truck rushing to the scene in response to the first collision caused another accident. 

While there was no one injured during the first collision, the second did send one person to the hospital with injuries. The condition of the person is serious but they are reported as stable. 

I42191 KEELE ST SB South of HWY 401: Left lane blocked due to a collision. Emergency vehicles on scene.

August 20, 2018

The intersection is currently closed going northbound and will reopen with Police have finished their investigation on the scene. 

Source: City News Toronto