A local hero in the Toronto Police Force was recognized for his efforts to rescue a five-year-old boy from his abusive parents on Monday. Detective George Maxwell was presented with the prestigious William Bishop award which is awarded to detectives who show investigative excellence. The ceremony was held by Detective Operations last week.

Maxwell’s investigation began back in March of 2016 after the parents of a five-year-old child brought their son into Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children, according to TPS News. The child’s parents claimed that their physically distressed son, whose mobility was so bad that he couldn’t walk, had fallen down a set of stairs at their home a few days before.

A medical examination discovered that the child was underweight and suffering from malnutrition. It was later discovered that the boy likely had a bone disorder due to a calcium deficit and that his condition could be fatal due to the strain the situation was putting on his heart.

Investigator helps ensure child no longer a victim of neglect @TorontoPolice award recognizes his dogged efforts https://t.co/IOQkNUSXhT pic.twitter.com/pUnuxSaFuQ

March 11, 2019

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Once the shocking results of the medical examination came in, Maxwell dug deeper into the boy’s medical history and discovered that the boy had received almost no medical attention since his birth. The boy had only a single meeting with a naturopath is his medical records.

"Further, the boy had little contact with society, and he had been home-schooled by his parents who implemented a strict vegan diet which ultimately led to the boy’s extensive malnutrition-related injuries," the detective explained about the boy’s situation to TPS News.

Maxwell called for a search warrant on the parent’s home in order to investigate their previous claims of an accident on the staircase. The detective later discovered through various interviews with the couple’s neighbours that the boy had been isolated. 

After collecting evidence from the home Maxwell once again conferred with medical specialists who were able to conclude that a poor diet and an utter lack of care had directly contributed to the boy’s conditions and injuries.

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The boy’s parents were detained on June 2016 and charged with Criminal Negligence Causing Bodily Harm and Failing to Provide Necessaries Of Life. The boy spent months in hospital before being released as a Crown Ward and put up for adoption.

Maxwell’s actions were nothing short of heroic. The detective, who now works in the city’s homicide department, went above and beyond to help a little boy in need and his service to the GTA is much appreciated.