If you've stepped outside at all this morning or at any point yesterday you'll know what I mean why I say we're over this weather. Everyone is sticky, hot, and can barely catch a breath in this stagnant heat. 

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According to Environment Canada, massive regions across Canada are experiencing this summer heatwave. 

Southern Ontario, in particular, is really feeling the heat right about now. The region has been hit with dozens of warnings regarding the extreme heat. There are over 30 cities affected in the area including Ottawa and Toronto. There are also multiple warnings about flash floods and serve thunderstorms sweeping southern Ontario this afternoon and evening. 

Hot, soupy weather across southern Ontario today will not only reach excessive and dangerous levels, it could be the perfect ingredient to fuel severe thunderstorms this afternoon and evening. Stay up-to-date on the warnings in your area. Latest: https://t.co/c0KsENuQFC #onstorm pic.twitter.com/BatDzZpRwo

June 18, 2018

We can expect the day to get cloudier and cloudier as the afternoon progresses with 30 km/h winds gusting to 50 km/h later this morning. Risk of thunderstorms are predicted to hit by early evening. 

While thunderstorms and flash flooding is hardly a reason to celebrate it does mean that we will be seeing a break in temperature. We should be expecting a  low today of 16°C. 

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By Tuesday, the humidity should be completely under control and the temperatures are set to a comfortable 24°C.

For now, Environment Canada is advising everyone to do the following during a heatwave:

  1. Drink plenty of cool liquids before feeling thirsty
  2. Keep cool by dressing for the weather and spending a few hours each day in a cool place.

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And as for the flash flooding, 
stay indoors if you can and with the strong winds, be prepared to have your umbrellas turn inside out.