Winter Flights From Toronto To Havana Are Just $275 Roundtrip & It's 28°C There

Cuba looks so bright and colourful!
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Flights From Toronto To Havana Are Just $275 Round-Trip & It's 28°C

If you’ve ever wanted to channel your inner Camila Cabello and leave “half of your heart in Havana”, now you can! Select flights from Toronto to Havana are now just $275 round-trip this winter, and Cuba looks like the perfect destination to escape from Canada’s upcoming freezing weather. 

As the snow begins to fall and the days get colder and darker in Canada, thousands of us are already dreaming about escaping to a warmer part of the world.

Thankfully, temperatures in Cuba are around 28 degrees in January and February, meaning a bit of winter-sun could be oh-so-achievable for Torontonians in early 2020.

The colourful capital city of Havana is known for its golden beaches, old-world architecture and delightfully sunny skies. With warm winter temperatures, and return flights for less than $300, it’s impossible to not get excited about this dreamy vacation.

As a popular tourist hotspot, there's plenty of restaurants, bars and hotels, making Cuba the perfect destination for a well-deserved break from the Canadian winter snow.

If this wasn't enough to convince you, Cuba is one of Beyoncé and Jay Z's favourite vacation destinations, and they actually spent their fifth wedding anniversary in the island's capital city!

While you’d expect such a warm and colourful destination to have a hefty price-tag, select winter flights between Toronto and Havana are actually pretty reasonable.

If you're prepared to grab your passport, pack your bag and start your trip in the next month or two, you can actually secure flights for just $275 roundtrip.

According to Secret Flying, the cheapest flights are available between late- January and early-February 2020.

While you don't have too much flexibility with these dates, the savings of up to $400 makes it all worthwhile!

Some examples of the best-discounted dates in January and February 2020, as suggested by Secret Flying, are:

  • 21th-28th January 2020

  • 28th January – 5th February 2020

  • 11th-19th February 2020

To get your hands on these incredible deals, you can either follow the links provided on Secret Flying, or use the Skyscanner price-comparison website for your chosen dates.

Remember that flight prices are known to change and fluctuate, and special deals can vary all the time.

If you’re desperate to take a Beyoncé-inspired winter vacation to Havana, don’t leave it too late to book and lock-in a great deal if you find one.

If you do decide to head to the Caribbean this winter, you might even bump into Camila Cabello or Beyoncé!

More details and additional date suggestions can be found here.

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