Lake Ontario Facing Major Flood Threat As Southern Ontario Gets Hit With Heavy Rain

Strong winds are also in the forecast.
Ontario Editor
Lake Ontario Facing Major Flood Threat As Southern Ontario Gets Hit With Heavy Rain

With the spring weather finally hitting Southern Ontario, rain is a given. However, the amount of rain that has plagued most of Ontario the past few weeks has been extreme and has left many areas flooded. Now, flood threats are in effect for Lake Ontario as southern Ontario is expected to get hit with up to 40mm of rain throughout the night.  

The Weather Network warns that the rain showers are expected to start throughout some parts of Southern Ontario this morning, but a majority of the rain will not be seen until the late afternoon and evening. Areas around the GTA are expected to see up to 40mm of rain throughout Thursday night and into Friday morning, so make sure to have those umbrellas handy. 

However, the rain is only part of southern Ontario's worries as the storm starts to move in throughout the evening. Thunderstorms and strong winds are also expected throughout the area, especially within the GTA. Winds as high as 60 km/h will hit the city of Toronto, so make sure that all the spring patio furniture you've placed outside is secure. 

Thunderstorms are also expected throughout southern Ontario, but the Weather Network ensures that these storms are expected to be non-severe. 

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Despite the strong winds and thunder, the main concern for most of southern Ontario with this storm is the flood threats that are now in place for Lake Ontario. Water levels for Lake Ontario are currently sitting at 75.55 m, which is only 30cm away from severe flooding levels. These are the same levels that lead to the Toronto Island floodings of 2017. 

The Toronto and Region Conservation Authority warns that a Shoreline Hazard Warning is in effect. The warning was placed on May 7 and is in effect until May 15. They warn that the water levels of Lake Ontario are expected to continue rising until June. 

They warn that the Toronto Islands and other areas could face the same amount of flooding that was present in 2017. Other areas that should face caution are Woodbine Beach, Scarborough Bluffs, Rotary Park and other shorelines around the GTA area. 

The TRCA warns to be cautious around all shorelines within the area. They also ask that you avoid all areas that are already experienced floodings, such as boardwalks and trails. Always supervise children near shorelines. 

Rain is expected to continue into Friday morning, so give yourself some extra time for that end of the week commute.