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Foodora Is Offering 50% Off Your Favourite Food Across Toronto

Get the food you love for half the price!

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Did you cook dinner last night? How did that go?

You probably listed out the ingredients you needed, went to the grocery store to buy them, lugged your shopping bags back to your apartment, and started to prepare and cook everything. Then, after you finally ate, you had to spend time cleaning it all up. 

Whew. Sounds a bit tedious, doesn't it? Sometimes, we all just need a break from cooking. Luckily, we have food delivery, and if you choose to order between August 19 and September 15 on foodora, you'll get 50% off!


The well-known food-delivery app has partnered with over 220 restaurants all over Toronto to offer half-off popular menu items. Restaurants participating in the deal include Hero Certified Burgers, Pi Co Pizza Bar, The Halal Guys, Touhenboku Ramen, Big Trouble Pizza, Kid Lee, Flock, Salad King, A&W, Kibo Sushi, Kinton Ramen, Freshii, and SO many more! There's something for every palate and budget, just check the app and look for the pink "50% off" tags under the "foodora FIFTY" section to see what's available near you.

Whether you're in the mood for a juicy burger, an antioxidant-packed smoothie, a big bowl of ramen, a spicy burrito, or a large plate of sushi, you can order it through foodora


Order food you love for 50% off August 19 to September 15! For more information on foodora, visit their website, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page.