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Forbes Just Listed The Best Restaurants In Toronto

The best of the best have been ranked!
Forbes Just Listed The Best Restaurants In Toronto

Foodies unite! Forbes has turned its focus toward Toronto's food scene, which all local Torontonians already know is ah-mazing. But to see the likes of publications such as Forbes honouring our eclectic city is always flattering. 

Accurately noting that Toronto's food scene has seriously upped its game in recent years, Forbes states that the "foodie bug in Toronto is spreading like an epidemic." And as self-professed foodies, we couldn't be happier. 

Attributing the city's huge food scene to our widespread multiculturalism, Forbes claims that Toronto's food scene "brings some of the best cuisine from every corner of the world" right to your doorstep. 

And thanks to the Torontonian writer who created this best of list, some of Toronto's most popular restaurants, as well as the little-known gems, are spotlighted. Best of all, the Forbes' list includes restaurants with ranging price points meaning you can dine at the city's best on any budget.

Here are some of our favourite top contenders that made the Forbes list (in no particular order): 

1. Superpoint 

Now that's a pizza pie. Gracing Forbes' list is Superpoint, the quaint and delicious pizza joint located at 184 Ossington Ave. With its raw and authentic exposed-brick walls and family-style coziness, this Toronto restaurant is the perfect place to grab an entire pizza on a platter for yourself because you earned it. And best of all, this spot is super affordable, with large pizzas ranging from $16-20. 

2. Bar Raval 

This shouldn't be a surprise to any locals, but Bar Raval is a true gem in the Toronto food scene and made Forbes' top-12 list. And as Forbes' accurately states, this Spanish-inspired resto is easily the best tapas in the city. 

3. Wilbur Mexicana 

With no shortage of Mexican restaurants in the 6ix, it can be hard to pick the "best" of them all. But this in-and-out style Mexican joint on Toronto's bustling King St. is a major hit with locals and tourists alike. Super affordable and super delicious, there's really nothing bad you can say about Wilbur. 

4. Cafe Cancan 

A little piece of Paris in the 416 has claimed a spot on Forbes' list. And for good reason. This fairly-new addition to the Toronto food scene was granted one of the spots on the top-12 list for its original take on French bistro classics and for it's IG-worthy ambiance. 

And here are the other amazing restaurants that made it to Forbes' top picks: 

5. Ethiopiques

6. Rasa Bar

7. Yasu

8. Omai

9. Kiin 

10. Buca

11. Adamson Barbecue 

12. JaBistro

Source: Forbes

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