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An Ontario Cannabis Store Was Just Robbed And The Store Clerk Fought Them Off With A Bong (VIDEO)

The incident is still under investigation by the police
An Ontario Cannabis Store Was Just Robbed And The Store Clerk Fought Them Off With A Bong (VIDEO)

Police are now investigating an intense robbery attempt in Tyendinaga Township around an area known as Shannonville in Ontario, just outside of Belleville. The four robbers are still on the run after attacking store clerks with bear spray. 

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Last week The Recreational Cannabis Farmers Market located on Old Highway 2 was attacked when a store clerk stepped up with none other than a bong. 

In the security footage of the incident, you can see two clerks working during a normal afternoon. The intrusion occurred last Thursday on September 6th at around 4:00 PM, when three men with their hoods up and faces covered attempted to rob the store by spraying them with bear spray. 

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Bear spray is meant to be used on charging wild animals and contains capsaicin, making it essentially really strong pepper spray. 

Via BigDaddyDishrags l YouTube

While originally it was three intruders you can see a fourth person join them, who is also hooded and had their face covered. The shop owner has confirmed with Narcity that this was the driver of the getaway SUV. 

The clerk grabbed the closest object to him and in a cannabis store, it so happened to be a bong before fighting off the four intruders. 

Police Detective Cst. Nathan Leland from Tyendinaga Police Service confirmed that the incident was still under investigation but that the police were doing their best to find the intruders. 

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Leland told Narcity that while "the matter is still under investigation, we haven’t identified the suspects at this time." They are also currently working with the OPP Identification Unit currently "to try and see if we can get some fingerprints and footwear compressions as well."

Via BigDaddyDishrags l YouTube

The store owner of Recreational Cannabis Farmers Market told Narcity that originally the employees of the store were texting him to tell him a strange car had shown up. The license plate was covered, making him suspicious. 

He said, “they covered up their licence plates and my employee was going to text me and say ‘hey there is a car driving around with his license plate covered’ and by the time he was finished texting me they were coming into the store."

The owner also confirmed that it was an attempt of robbery. "They all came in with duffle bags," he said, "their driver came in at the very end, you see it if you watch the video. You see him try and come in because of the other three weren't doing their jobs that they were supposed to do so the driver came in and then tried. The employee got after them, got after them all."

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Police have confirmed with the owner that while the robbery was extremely serious, it wasn't targetted. The vehicle was tracked by security footage heading to and from the 401 highway. 

The owner also told Narcity that the white SUV that Police are currently looking for was found around The Big Apple, Ontario, which is located on the other side of Belleville. Sadly when the SUV was found there were no occupants inside.

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Luckily for the store, the attempt of robbery did not cause any lost hours of store operations but it did affect their products. 

"We didn't have to close, just a lot of the products and things in the store had to be thrown out because of the bear mace. So even though they didn't steal it, we still lost it." 

While it's wild to see a man fight off intruders with a bong, the suspects behind this case remain at large.

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Tyendinaga Police Service is asking those with any information about this incident contact them at 613-967-3888.

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