He came, he saw, he conquered, he left. Kawhi Leonard's exit from Toronto after winning the NBA was one of the most high-profile moves in recent years. And now, Fred VanVleet has revealed he found out about the Klaw leaving the Raptors while on a night out.

In what must have surely been a pretty awkward moment, Steady Freddy learned that Kawhi was bound for LA while he was chilling at a club in his home state of Illinois.

On Thursday, January 23, FVV told Bleacher Report's The Full 48 podcast all about the night he learned the Finals MVP was on his way.

"I was in the club, actually, a club in Chicago on one of my best friend's bachelor weekend," the Rockford native revealed.

"It was funny, we were sitting there at the club, I'm on my phone, and the text comes through first. The guy on the mic the DJ, he’s giving me shout-outs the whole time.

"So then, the text comes through from Kawhi, 'hey fellas, I’m leaving,' or whatever. One second goes by and everyone’s phone starts lighting up. Ding ding ding!

"So, literally as (Kawhi) pressed send on his text, they probably pressed send on all the texts at the same time. So the news went out all at the same time, they did a great job of keeping it under wraps."

FVV continued: "We got our text first, the news went out, here comes the guy on the mic: 'Hey, Kawhi’s going to LA!'"

You might think that all eyes would turn to VanVleet for his reaction after news of that magnitude broke.

And you'd be right. Or, at least, "it definitely felt like that" for Fred.

"Obviously, you had to deal with everyone coming up to you like, 'hey, you know Kawhi’s leaving?'" the guard continued. "I’m like, 'yeah, I know.'"

Well, the image of VanVleet being quizzed for the rest of his night on how he felt about his star teammate leaving has left us feeling pretty awkward, if we're honest.

After everything that happened, how does he feel about the way Kawhi handled his exit?

"We had a good time," he insisted. "It was cool, we appreciate him for what he did and I liked the fact he texted us before he did it. Whether he had to do it or not, it was pretty cool."

So, there you have it.

If you remember when you were the moment you found out Kawhi's time in the 6ix was over, so does Fred.

The Boardman's name came back up in recent days when it was revealed he used Toronto mogul Drake's California house to convince Paul George to move to the Clippers with him.

While Kawhi stayed for just a year, VanVleet has been with the Raptors his entire pro NBA career since being drafted in 2016.

And he's become a full-on adopted Torontonian, as he's explained in the past.

Here's to more years in the 6ix, and no more teammate exit revelations when he's trying to get his club on.