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Fred VanVleet Is Literally Covering More Of The Court Than Any Other NBA Player

Toronto Raptors are a team full of impressive performers these days. And it turns out one player is actually leading the field league-wide in a key stat this season. Fred VanVleet is running more per game than any other star in the entire NBA so far this season, giving a new meaning to the "Steady Freddy" nickname.

According to the association's official stats page,, VanVleet tops the list of the hundreds of players in the league for distance covered per game.

The Rockford, Ill. native is running 2.84 miles each outing on average, just ahead of the Portland Trail Blazers' CJ McCollum at 2.82.

That's some serious gas in the tank. In fact, only McCollum has covered more total combined distance so far this season than Fred's 56.9 miles.

For reference, a regulation NBA basketball court is 94 feet long. Fred's 2.84-mile-per-game mark comes in at 15,018 feet, according to the stats site.

So, he runs the equivalent of the full length of the court nearly 160 times every game.

We're out of breath just thinking about it.

What makes that more notable is that VanVleet is currently playing an average of 37.8 minutes per game.

For those still keeping count, that's him covering nearly 400 feet (four full lengths of the court) for every minute he's on.

Fred's not the only Raptor doing well on that front, though.

His bromance partner Pascal Siakam, who's having a stellar year so far himself, isn't far behind his buddy.

Siakam ranks fourth in the league for per-game distance covered at 2.75 miles. He's played nearly a minute less each game than Fred.

Those two players have been noted as leading stars for the Raptors in the first campaign of the post-Kawhi, post-championship era.

In the absence of Kyle Lowry through injury in November, the due were seen as key reasons for the franchise continuing their superb form.

Fred has fun on the court, too. A perfect example was his reaction to being the target of a pass from Serge Ibaka while off the court last week.

Not only that, his teammates think he has what it takes to go for a long time.

Marc Gasol said last week he believes VanVleet has what it takes to excel as a coach, such is his knowledge of the game.

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