A Toronto Bar Is Offering Unlimited Free Hot Wings For 1 Night Only This Month

Cluckin' hell!
A Toronto Bar Is Offering Unlimited Free Hot Wings For 1 Night Only This Month

Two things that most people seem to love are free stuff and chicken wings, let's be real about this. Combine the two, and you're surely onto a winner. Well, that's certainly what Storm Crow Manor is going for, as the unique downtown restaurant and bar is offering free chicken wings in Toronto for one night only this month!

Storm Crow Manor, located at 580 Church St. in the 6ix, is running this pecktacular deal on Monday, Sept. 23 between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m.

It's so easy to get your night's supply of free wings, as all you need to do is order a single drink at the location and the wings will fly to your table. Well, they'll be served to you, but you get the picture.

The venue's wings normally go for $14 a portion, so the saving potential is pretty, pretty good.

Although Storm Crow Manor's menu offers a variety of flavours, owner Jason Kapalka tells Narcity this one-night-only event will only apply to hot wings.

Kapalka also revealed that there's no restriction on how many free hot wings a person can receive, although that does come with a condition.

"There are no limits on how many you can eat, but we do ask that you not be a dick ... that is, if there are a lot of people in line to get fresh hot wings behind you, don't shovel three dozen down your pants," Kapalka said, which seems fair to us.

But what made Kapalka and Storm Crow choose wings for this night?

[rebelmouse-image 25946721 photo_credit="Storm Crow" expand=1 original_size="5760x3840"]

"In the spectrum of yet-to-be-invented holidays, a celebration in the form of a post-apocalyptic chicken wing orgy seemed really open for development," says Kapalka.

I mean, he's not wrong. So, there's your answer.

To be honest, as far as a potential apeckalypse goes, free wings sound like a pretty good sweetener in the deal.

So, if you're a hot wings fiend, or if you just can't turn down plates of free food, Storm Crow Manor is the place to be later this month.

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