I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that Hamilton has a lot to offer, but it still a universal belief that the best things in life are either free or pretty close to it. Hikes that have no entrance fee are usually the most popular, and you can’t deny that you go crazy every time McDonald’s releases their $1 coffee promotion during the summer.

We love no-cost fun, and since the city already has a lot of events and festivals during October, you bet your bottom that some of those events are either free or under $10. Don’t know which ones those are? Fret not, because we’ve completed a list of things to do in October in Hamilton that are $10 or less.

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Ride A Bike Along The Hamilton Brantford Rail Trail

Cost: Free

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The Hamilton Brantford Rail Trail is a 32 kilometre route that runs from the east side of Brantford to the west end of Hamilton. Within the Hamilton section, you can witness quite a scenic experience while following the Dundas Valley trail for about 20 kilometres. Whether this is done by a nice stroll or by riding your bike, this year-round free activity never quite gets old.


Attend An Art Crawl

Cost: Free

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The city just hosted their annual Supercrawl last weekend, but that doesn’t mean the remaining art crawls are going to end. On the second Friday of every month, the famous James Street North transforms into an amazing arts and culture hub along their own sidewalk. From food trucks to beautiful pieces of artwork, this Hamilton gem is something you have to experience.


Visit The Canadian Football Hall Of Fame

Cost: Free

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I’ve lived in Hamilton my entire life, and even sometime I forget that we’re home to the Canadian Football Hall of Fame. While hockey holds the title of the country’s most beloved sport, football is also a top contender, and why not appreciate all the history and facts of the Canadian Football League by visiting our CFL museum?


Attend Boston Pizza's Office Trivia Night

Cost: Free

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Listen, I adore Canada and all, but how perfect would it have been we could have hosted The Office Trivia Night at a Chili’s rather than a Boston Pizza? Not that I don’t love Boston Pizza or anything, but if you’re an avid fan of the show (and if you’re not, become one) then you know all too well the importance of Chili’s.


Watch How Beer Is Made At MERIT Brewing

Cost: Free (for now)

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I’m sure you’ve noticed how much I’ve been boasting MERIT Brewing lately, and the reason is pretty obvious - because they’re awesome. If you want to see how this epic brewery makes their beer, then register for tickets for their tasting and touring event on October 7. Registration is free, but you must pay a fee of $10 before the event.


Take A Walk Along Bayfront Walk

Cost: Free

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Bayfront Park is quite the Hamilton gem. The best part about it? With great scenery and peaceful vibes, you can enjoy this trail year-round.


Attend A Beatles Night At The Innsville

Cost: Free

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My dad raised me on the tunes of rock ‘n’ roll, and I always believed I was cursed that I didn’t grow up in the era of The Beatles. If you’ve also dreamt of being able to watch a live performance of the iconic band, then you can do so every Monday night at The Innsville restaurant in Stoney Creek.


Check Out The Stoney Creek Pumpkin Fest

Cost: Free

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Another Stoney Creek activity (because they wholeheartedly deserve your attention), the Stoney Creek Pumpkin is a one-day annual event in the community’s downtown streets. A chance for you to enjoy pumpkin-themed painting and costumes, this fest is one to add to the bucket list.


Take A Tour Of The Hamilton Cemetery

Cost: Free

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Okay, so this one does sound creepy, but what better time to experience creepy things than the month of Halloween? Every Sunday afternoon, the city hosts free “Stories in the Stones” tours, where you are able to learn about some interesting tales of the dead.


Attend The Concession Fallfest

Cost: Free

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Another fall-themed festival, the Concession Fallfest is pretty similar to the one in Stoney Creek - except that it’s held on Concession Street. With the day beginning at 11:00 am, you can enjoy a fun-filled afternoon munching on some of their sweet treats and checking out creative costumes.


Take A Beginner's Yoga Class

Cost: Free

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There are a lot of fun ways to get in shape, but most of them also tend to be expensive. For one day at De La Sol Yoga, a warm and welcoming yoga studio located in the city’s downtown, you can get the experience of yoga without the fee. They will be hosting a free session for beginner’s on the morning of October 6.


Attend The First Timer's Club Comedy Show

Cost: Free

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We love a good underdog story, and it’s always fun to cheer on people at the very start of their career. Once at a month at ZYLA’s Music and Menu, the First Timbers Club Comedy Show hosts an event that gives the mic to beginner comedians; which will be hosted next month on October 19.


Walk The Ancaster Pumpkin Walk

Cost: Free

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This October, you can also attend the 3rd annual Pumpkin Walk at Ancaster's Fieldcote Museum. A free outdoor event with food trucks and fun activites, you also get the chance to check out illuminated, hand-carved pumpkins that are both comical and creepy.


Attend The Rockton World's Fair

Cost: Free

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If you grew up in Hamilton, then you’ve definitely attend the Rockton World’s Fair. An annual Thanksgiving tradition within the community of Hamilton’s Rockton, the fair has been held every year since 1852. With tons of events and activities to check out, a day here is always a guaranteed to be a good time.


Attend The Stranger Things Party At Club Absinthe

Cost: $5

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Mornings may be for coffee and contemplation, but on October 28th, the night belongs to Club Absinthe Hamilton. An (obviously) 19 plus event, this Stranger Things-themed party transports you back to the ‘80s for a combination of strange and spooky. With ‘80s music and a formal opportunity to check out the Upside Down, the cost for “early bird” tickets are only $5!


Play A Game Of Lazer Mania

Cost: $9

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If you’ve yet to play a game of laser tag at Lazer Mania, then you’re really missing out. With both a in-house game venue and an arcade area, Lazer Mania is more than just a go-to destination for a kid’s birthday party. One game costs $9.00, but on half price Tuesdays, a game is reduced to the cost of $4.50.


Grab A Treat From Sweet Paradise

Cost: Under $10

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Sweet paradise (ba ba ba!) It’s true what they say, because good food has never tasted so good when you’re munching on something from this local bakery. My high school was right up the street from Sweet Paradise, and I can guarantee you that my $5 lunch limit always got me quite the assortment. Sure, they were mostly sweets and pastries, but do you see me complaining?!


Get A Coffee From Synonym

Cost: Under $10

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SYNONYM is relatively new to Hamilton, but with a location on the always-charming James Street North, you already know this one is just as special. Built within a white, minimalist setting, the coffee served at this cafe is just as artistic as their interior - and you already know it’ll cost you less than $10!


Spend A Night At The Factory Of Fear

Cost: $10

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Is there a better way to experience the month of fear than actually experiencing the Factory of Fear?! At Bizarro’s Factory of Fear in Dundas, you can enter one of the city’s most cutting edge haunted attraction. Set in tight, dark rooms with state of the art video projection effects, the factory features fear rooms such as the Sewing Room, the Warehouse, the Sea Dock and others.


Visit The Art Gallery Of Hamilton

Cost: $10

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Located in the heart of downtown Hamilton, the Art Gallery of Hamilton is one of the oldest public art galleries in Canada. With about 300,000 visitors a year, you can also check out this beautiful piece for only a $10 admission fee.


Attend Stonewalls' Harry Potter Trivia Night

Cost: $10.99

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Okay, so this is technically cheating - but it’s still in the $10.00 region right?! Something wicked this way comes to Stonewalls on October 2; a night where you can test your ultimate Harry Potter knowledge during their trivia night.