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Free Movies You Can See At Toronto's Harbourfront This Summer

Nothing is better than a warm summer night in Toronto. It doesn't last very long, but while it's here we should make the most of it. Sitting by the water with a couple of friends, a bag of popcorn and a good flick is one way to do it.

Starting on Wednesday July 8, you can grab a seat at the Harborfront Westjet Outdoor Theatre and enjoy an array of films. There are nine movies in total, one each Wednesday of the summer. It all wraps up on the evening of September 2, with a viewers choice. So don't miss out, it is a hell of a way to spend a night out.

Photo cred: Tribeca

1. Raising Arizona

This offbeat comedy about a makeshift family is wild and energetic. It's a treat to see Nicolas Cage as his old self.

Photo cred: IMDb

2. Win Win

A struggling lawyer/wrestling coach has to deal with his two worlds colliding. His wrestling protégé is also the son of a client he once deceived.

Photo cred: IMDb

3. Young Frankenstein

Mel Brooks brings us a comedic version of James Whale's classic horror story. Dr. Frankenstein inherits his grandfather's castle and continues his experiments with his trusty sidekick Igor.

Photo cred: IMDb

4. Stories We Tell

A documentary by Canadian director Sarah Polley. She turns her camera onto her storytelling family, to uncover truth buried under years of myth.

Photo cred: Paste Magazine

5. Boy

Set in New Zealand in 1948. Boy captures a relatable moment in time. In this character piece, real life events unfold - an awkward family reunion with people you supposedly love, but hardly know.

Photo cred: IMDb

6. The Descendants

George Clooney plays a do-good lawyer with a couple of daughters. When tragedy hits their family, dad has to hold them all together.

Photo cred: IMDb

7. The Darjeeling Limited

This classic Wes Anderson flick brings three estranged brothers together on a train across india. In an attempt to reconnect through the anniversary of their father's death, these three meet many characters and get themselves into trouble along the way.

Photo cred: IMDb

8. True Grit

A drunken U.S. Marshal, Rooster Cogburn, helps young Mattie Ross with her search for her father's killer. This film is a remake of a classic Western.

Photo cred - thegirlsonbloor

9. Audience Choice

Vote for the final film of the summer HERE, being screened on September 2.

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