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4 Toronto Raptors Fans Got Free Tickets To Game 5 After Waiting In Line For Over 72 Hours (VIDEO)

While most of us will be watching Game 5 of the Raptors versus Warriors NBA final from home due to the pricey tickets, four lucky Canadians will be watching the game from the stands at no extra charge. These four Canadians received free Raptors finals Game 5 tickets after waiting outside Jurassic Park for over 72 hours. Needless to say, these diehard fans deserve the tickets. 

Super fans Doug and Zac Tiessen of Stoney Creek, and Tyler Seaton and Angie Taylor of Cambridge have been waiting outside Jurassic Park in Toronto since 2 PM on Saturday. The four have been waiting through rain, wind, and cold weather just for the chance of making it inside. 

Today at 11 AM, they were awarded free tickets to Game 5 on behalf of Sobey’s. The four will now be witnesses to a possibly history-making game live and in person!

Tickets right now are going for record-breaking prices! So getting two tickets to Game 5 for free is a legendary experience, to say the least!

Angie and Tyler’s reaction was recorded and if it doesn’t make your heart feel full then I don’t know what will! In the video, you can see the cold and shivering couple saying that they have been in line since Friday. 

The woman they are talking to says that she wants them to have an elevated experience and in order to do so, they are given two tickets each to watch Game 5 inside and away from the rain!

Sobey's also gave Doug and Zac Tiessen free tickets, although, their reactions were not caught on camera. 

The couple instantly burst out in “oh my god’s” and a crowd looking on cheers with excitement. While it doesn’t say where everyone will be sitting, they are in the arena which is already one step closer than any of us! 

The Toronto Raptors are currently leading the NBA Finals 3-1 against the Golden State Warriors. Tonight, the Raptors will attempt to make history during Game 5 at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto. Fans are eagerly awaiting for them to win their first ever NBA championship title. 

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