Get excited, Friends fans. An awesome event based on the show is coming to the 6ix next year and now's your chance to show off your uber-fan knowledge and relive your fave episodes. The Brunch Club's themed Friends brunch Toronto is coming in February 2020.

This unofficial two-hour event is perfect for every mega fan out there.

What's brunch without mimosas? We wouldn't want to know. Well, during the two hours, you get two of them as well as some appetizers.

Don't worry, Rachel didn't take part in any of the cooking.

Make sure you come dressed the part, too, because there will be prizes for the best dressed.

So, whether you come as Chef Monica, Dr. Drake Ramoray, or Marcel the monkey, don't be afraid to get creative with it. Why not wear a giant turkey as a headpiece?

Honestly, coming dressed simply as Joey could be the wisest move. After all, Joey doesn't share food!

Brunch and costumes are great, but are you dying to prove yourself as The One Who Is The Biggest Fan?

Now's your chance, as there will also be a Friends-themed quiz with prizes to be won. Meanwhile, projectors will even be showing some of the episodes you know so well while you brunch the day away.

Torontonians aren't the only lucky Canadians who'll get this chance, though.

Vancouver and Calgary have also been announced as host cities for the event.

Tickets aren't on sale just yet so you definitely have time to think about how you're going to dress the part.

The Brunch Club's Friends-themed event comes to the 6ix on February 23, 2020, so now is the chance for a big old rewatch.

Friends Brunch

Price: TBD

When: February 23, 2020

Address: TBD, Toronto, ON

Why You Need To Go: This is the ultimate Friends fan experience. Brunch just makes it that much better. Nostalgia overload!