This summer, on June 24th, get ready to channel your inner Monica, Joey, Ross, Rachel, Chandler, or Phoebe, at the Central Perk pop-up coffee shop coming to Toronto.

The pop-up shop promises "meticulously detailed to recreate the experience of one of the most popular shows of all time, Friends". From taking a seat on the famous orange couch, to ordering a coffee from a barista named Gunther, you will have a full-Friends experience. The coffee shop will take it one step further and sell pastries, donuts and coffees all named after Friends characters, because who wouldn't want a Fat Monica Donut?

In terms of entertainment, live music will be provided with songs like Phoebe's legendary "Smelly Cat", and there will also be a "How you doin?" Contest to find Toronto's very own Joey Tribbiani. The last round of the contest will be a TV Script audition, and the winner will win a prize of $500!

If it hasn’t been your day, or week, or month, or even your year, then make sure to attend, as this pop-up shop will be sure to change all that.

Ps. prizes will be awarded to the group of Friends that come dressed as Ross, Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Monica and Phoebe.

This is definitely "The One You Have To Attend". Follow them on Facebook HERE.

You can start freaking out now: 

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