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Toronto Is Hosting A 'Friends' 25th Anniversary Party This August

A guaranteed nostalgia-filled evening!

It's been 25 years since "Friends" premiered and you can get your fix of the show at an anniversary special in Toronto next month. Tickets are now available for the spectacular "Friends" event, Toronto! "I'll Be There For You: Friends At 25" is sure to be a nostalgia-filled evening with journalists Kathleen Newman-Bremang and Kelsey Miller, so grab some friends and a coffee from Central Perk and get ready for the event.

The special anniversary event will be held at the Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema on August 7 to celebrate and analyze the iconic sitcom. The evening, moderated by Refinery29 writer Newman-Bremang, will not only relive all the fan-favourite moments but also dive into Miller’s most recent book I'll Be There For You: The One About Friends.

"This is a series that so many people are so familiar with. Being able to go and look at the intricacies of how it was built and how it was created and tell the story behind the stories was really a delight," Miller said of the book.

And you can be sure you'll get all the juicy details about the show at the event.

"You can't deny how much of a success the show was. It did make us laugh for a really long time and it has maintained a longevity that other shows do not. There's something to be said there,” said Newman-Bremang.

"Friends" originally premiered on NBC on Sept. 22, 1994 and was a staple on television for the next 10 years and as many seasons. The show had a huge audience and is still gaining new watchers today with reruns and streaming.

The show was not and still isn't perfect (Newman-Bremang and Miller both cite criticisms of homophobic and transphobic jokes, objectification of women, and lack of diversity) but its impact and influence is not something that can be ignored.

"'Friends', of course, is such a massive cultural phenomenon and we want to look back on the show through a 2019 lens. Looking at the good and the bad and analyze it," said Newman-Bremang.

While it's important to critique things, even things you love, Friends At 25 will still be a celebration of the show and its lasting 25-year legacy with some Central Perk-themed drinks for your enjoyment.

"We're going to revisit some of the most iconic moments," said Newman-Bremang. "Someone is probably going to yell 'pivot' at some point."

If you know, you know.

Miller and Newman-Bremang promise a unique discussion that's not only enjoyable but also intelligent.

"It's going be a conversation that takes some unexpected turns and allows us to explore some things about the show that people have probably never considered," said Miller.

If all of this isn't enough of a "Friends" fix for you and you're still sad about the show leaving Netflix next year, Pottery Barn is releasing a "Friends"-themed line on July 30 that includes Rachel's famous apothecary table and much more.

And TBS Network is putting together a marathon of episodes to air from Sept. 16-21 in celebration of the anniversary. The episodes are selected based on fan voting that is going on now. So, cast your ballot for the "Friends"-iversary.

Tickets for Friends At 25 are available here.