11 Fun Winter Date Ideas If You Don't Feel Like Drinking

Because there's more to the city than the bars.

When you just don't feel like counting on whiskey to warm you up this season, we got you covered. Sure, your friends may be hitting up the bars and clubs, and you can too obviously, but sometimes you want to be around people who you can actually carry on a conversation with before it turns into, "IT'S LITTTTTT!". So you got your number one to warm you up, but the question still remains, what's something unreal to do this winter when we want to have a night sans alcohol that doesn't just include sitting on our couch at home?

There's a stereotype today that if you want to have a great time, it usually involves getting (as the kids say) ~lit~. But why can't a great time equal some memories you'll actually remember with no hangover after? When the winter is hitting you with snow, sleet, and frozen rain galore the last thing you need is a pounding headache and some fabulous "look what you did!" photos hitting you as well.

TIME TO SPICE UP those cold days and long winter nights! These are some awesome dates that'll make this winter a little more beautiful.


1. DJ Skate Nights// Harbour Front Centre

You and your number one will be extra fly, very fresh, and exceptionally hip skaters out this winter season with DJ Skate Nights at the Harbour Front Centre. Take your classic winter date night up a notch by adding some stellar DJs and funky lights in the background. Sure, skating may not be the most graceful of things for all of us but when you have a new DJ every Saturday night, with different themes like Bey Skate (that's right, Beyonce skating) with Lissa Monet, and so many more talented artists, this will be a date you remember. Did we mention it's free?


2. Cooking Class // Hooked Inc.

When thinking of romance, raw fish isn't usually the first thing to come to mind, until now. Hooked Inc. is THE place to go for sustainable, delicious, fresh fish. Owners Kristin and Dan, long story short, know their shit. They connect with fisherman straight at the source and even manage their own freight. The result? A wildly successful fish store that has kick ass cooking classes that will teach you skills that will actually come in handy. More than that, these cooking classes are fun, social and make a great excuse for a second date ft. a home cooked meal.

Try out their Fish 101 cooking class, Oysters 101 (Valentine's Day Edition), or Holiday Spanish Tapas Class! For all classes check out the schedule here!


3. Stand Up Comedy Show // Bad Dog Theatre

Ah, there is really no better test of romance than having your bae seeing you mid-laugh attack featuring tears and the bang on impression of a hyena. It's really unconditional love, and something you guys can bond over. And you just may be in that hyena-like state at every single show at Bad Dog Theatre, one of the top improv spots in the hilarious six. We love our comedy here, and these guys really stand out for their community engagement, affordable classes, and to top it off their critically acclaimed and award-nominated unscripted comedy bits. Join in on a legacy already in the making and head here for a hilarious night that'll have you and your significant other howling all night. Here is all the info for the shows!

If you just can't get enough, take your date to the next level and sign up for an improv class at Bad Dog! It's a great way to get to know your bae in a new way and maybe even crack a couple jokes you never knew you had up your sleeve. Drop in classes are only 5 bucks and they have specialised ones for whatever kind of improv you guys want to do, check out the schedule here!

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4. Get Your Game On// Castle Board Game Cafe

Time to unleash your competitive side to heat the winter season up a little. The best place to do that? At a place where paying 2.50 gets you access to a game lovers fantasy selection, smoothies, candies, Belgian waffles (with your choice of toppings of course), and your classic delicious espresso based drinks made with Dark City Roast. Ideal for the couple that wants a unique date idea but isn't really feeling spending hours out in the cold looking for it. Cuddle up here for hours while you make some of your new favourite memories whilst calmly destroying each other's battleships.

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5. Explore a Winter Village // Evergreen Brick Works

Just the name "The Winter Village" instantly brings a sense of nostalgic comfort and wonder to warm up the winter months. Explore the beautiful side of winter shopping by escaping the crowded malls and outlet stores and head to Evergreen Brick Works with your number one for some serious winter beauty. Start off by grabbing a bite from one of their 15 delicious street vendors (check here for all info/times), maybe some poutine from Jamie Kennedy Kitchen or some delicious Raclette cheese to really get in the winter mood. Then head to their Holiday Makers market for some awesome local-crafted gifts and treats. They bringing new vendors every day so you can keep coming back! Finally, take on their rink for a skate, or head on a fat bike ride for real adventure!

Check it out here for all the info and times!

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6. Go On The Meat Lovers When Pigs Fry Tour// Urban Adventures

Urban adventures will definitely make sure that you get your protein fix for the day (and then some) with this decadent and legendary tour of what they call "porcine proportions". This 3-hour food tour is perfect for the foodie couple, weaving through downtown Toronto you'll hit three of the coolest, most delicious pork-loving spots in the city. Sample sizzling bacon, thick pork and delicious sausages all while learning about sustainable pig farming and how you can make sure you're always getting the best cut. Absolutely no drinks needed to accompany this feast, you'll have meat on your mind for days.

More info here!


7. Winter Stations Art Installations// Beaches

Usually, it takes 3 times to get to the charm, but this international design competition already locked it down on the first try, it's just our luck we get to keep experiencing it again and again. Back for a 3rd season, this artistic celebration is going to be displaying the winning installation proposals to put on six lifeguard stands across the beaches community from February 20th until March 27th. So what does it mean for you and your number one? You get to see some hand selected international art that's displayed right beside a frozen oasis (ie. Lake Ontario). With the charming beaches restaraunts and cafes right next to you this could turn into a long-standing winter tradition for you and your bae. This is a fresh way to see winter decorated in a whole new way, check out more information about the insane competition here!

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8. Spa Date // Hammam Spa

Okay, on the real though, is there anything more appealing in the winter than walking straight from a blizzard into a warm, calming oasis where you are the top priority of all the staff? In the words of Nelly Furtado, didn't think so. Relax and unwind at one of the top spas in Toronto, this King West gem will make you feel like you're hours away from the city. Exotic, fresh decor only enhances you pampering treatments at what's rated the Top Day Spa in Canada. Get the Unite Package to really heat up your romance this winter. It's specifically designed to bring couples together and includes, a Hammam steam, 90-minute couples massage, mini facials, and a private suite rental including jacuzzi, bubbly, chocolates and mineral bath salts, oh la la is it ~steamy~ in here?

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9. Take a frisky dip // Toronto Polar Bear Club

This is for all the adrenaline-filled couples out there who either don't have a proper temperature gauge, or are looking for an insane story to have under their belts. Though jumping into the freezing water at Sunnyside Beach doesn't seem like the typical winter date idea, that's the point. You're a couple that can't be tied down, switch up your usual brunch in a big way by starting it off with a kick ass adventure that you'll remember forever. Think of the romance here also! Warming each other up with thermal blankets after your exhilarating dip into Lake Ontario, followed by cuddling by the fireplace all afternoon? Sounds like a once in a lifetime experience to us. Or make it an annual thing! Since 2005 the Polar Bear Club has been calling on Toronto's most adventurous souls every January 1st, with all proceeds going to Habitat for Humanity, they've raised almost 370,000 dollars for projects in Toronto. Who knew you guys would have a swimsuit date this winter?


10. Stroll through a Winter Wonderland // High Park

Sometimes the best dates don't need fireworks and bachelor-esque locations, all you need is you, and your favourite person heading back to the basics. High Park in the winter turns into a beautiful winter oasis with all the best winter offers, snow frosted trees, tobogganing, and skating. Stroll through the park trails hand in hand for hours and get ready to prove that the best dates can sometimes be those that are the most simple.

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11. Decadent Hot Chocolate Date // Bobbette and Belle

Indulge in the quintessential winter drink with you bae this season, hot chocolate. The second it starts snowing it becomes acceptable to drink hot chocolate around the clock (even though we do it all year round cause we gotta live right?!), but we're not going to settle. And for a couple as fabulous as you? Wouldn't dream of it. Bobbette and Belle quickly became the premier bakery in Toronto for their legendary wedding cakes, decadent French Macarons, and mouth-watering treats in their bakeshop. Escape to Paris this winter and head to their Leslieville or Yonge and Lawerence Location for their famous hot chocolate. Cocoa powder, mixed chocolate, good old fashioned real milk, and a bit of sugar is all deliciously blended and topped with a house-made blowtorched vanilla marshmallow. The only danger is you may start to love your hot chocolate a little more than your S.O.

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