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Fvck, Marry, Kill: The Toronto Edition

It's the game we all know and love, featuring some of the best (and worst) men who stake claims in Toronto.

Consider your options carefully:

Round 1: That OVO and that XO- Drake, PartyNextDoor, The Weeknd

Fuck: PartyNextDoor. He’ll sing the bedroom playlist himself and probably record the whole encounter for your memory box just like in the “Break From Toronto” video.

Photo- Hip Hop Early

Marry: Drake. Who doesn’t want to be the official 6ix Queen? Champagne Papi is no doubt a romantic at heart and marrying him will practically grant you a key to the city. Downside is you would have to live with someone who refers to himself as "The Boy".

Photo- Read Source

Kill: The Weeknd. He won’t even remember you after a one night stand and you don’t want to marry the guy who can’t feel his own face and only calls you when it’s half past five.

Photo- Vibe Lyrics

Round 2: The Actors- Ryan Gosling, Michael Cera, Patrick J. Adams

Fuck: Patrick J. Adams. The Suits star has enough charm to seduce anyone but his engagement might put a bit of a damper on the night depending on your moral standpoint.

Photo- Emmys

Marry: Ryan Gosling. Although he’s technically from London, we’d be willing to go the extra mile for Gosling anytime. He’s Canada’s most renowned perfect 10 and he’s sure to give you all that cereal he refuses to eat.

Photo- Mamamia

Kill: Michael Cera. He’s adorable in his awkward way but he’d be too afraid to make eye contact with you for your entire marriage and I don’t imagine sex would be all that sexy with him. Sorry Michael.

Photo- TV Daily

Round 3: The Politicians- Rob Ford, Norm Kelly, John Tory

Fuck: John Tory. Okay, out of the three you have to admit this one goes to Toronto's Mayor. Besides, getting it on with the Mayor would most likely land you in national news, hello fame. (*Disclaimer: not the good kind of fame)

Photo- Torontoist

Marry: Norm Kelly. After having to put up with Rob Ford for so long, you know that Kelly has enough patience and emotional strength to make a great family man.

Photo- CTV

Kill: Rob Ford. Toronto's infamous former Mayor and current City Councillor. The red-faced, crack-smoking, offensive-in-every-way man we all love to hate. The guy isn't exactly a heartthrob and, in his words, he's "got enough to eat at home" so you're out of luck ladies.

Photo- CBC

 Round 4: iPod Shuffle-Deadmau5, Justin Bieber, Dallas Green

Fuck: Deadmau5. Maybe he'd do it with the mouse head on? Horrifying, yes, but a great story. The guy probably won’t make you breakfast in the morning but he just might take you on a Tim’s run in his Ferrari. He's kind of a dick and would probably spend more time with Meowingtons than he would with you, so settling down with him isn’t really feasible.

Photo- Beatport

Marry: Dallas Green. The City and Colour singer is cut out to be ultimate husband material. He’ll exude sweetness every day and probably write a song about how good you look without make-up on.

Photo- Cloudfront

Kill: Justin Bieber. It’s pretty safe to say the bulge shown in the Calvin Klein shoot is very generously photo shopped and nobody of legal age to marry really wants to marry JB now do they?

Photo- Guias Media Guide

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