George Brown College is working to help their students out financially during the global pandemic. The Ontario college launched its George Brown Relief Fund on April 7, to help compensate students who have been affected by COVID-19. The school announced that they will be giving away $850,000 and that students can easily apply for the fund online.

The school states that these funds will be given to students who are struggling to afford their rent or purchase food during these trying times. "We know that some students have lost their jobs, have no way to pay their rent, or even to purchase food," says Anne Sado, President, George Brown College in a news release. "We have launched this fund to help ease their hardships and alleviate some of their anxiety so they can focus on their education." According to the school's website, students must be enrolled full time in the winter 2020 program to be eligible.Students must complete the online application form by April 15 to receive the funds. Applying asks that students write out a detailed breakdown of their budget and a brief summary of how COVID-19 has affected their financial situation."We sincerely care about all of our members and we understand that times are tough, and might be for a while. We hope that this fund will provide some financial relief and lift our member's spirit during this unprecedented time," says a statement from The Student Association Board of Directors, Executives.

GBC is aiming to increase its funding to up to $1 million so that they can better serve their students. They have an online portal that accepts donations. In 2017-2018, George Brown had 32,254 students enrolled in part-time and full-time classes altogether, according to a fact sheet.

The funded money has been "made possible through a partnership between the George Brown Student Association, George Brown Foundation, the college, as well as the Government of Ontario's recent emergency investment in higher education to support student success," says their statement. International, as well as domestic students, can apply.

Just a few weeks ago, Ontario university residences had announced that they would mostly be closing early to stop the spread of COVID-19. Classes have also all been moved online as students continue their studies from their homes.