Gino’s Pizza Fires Toronto Employee For Yelling Homophobic Slurs At A Customer (VIDEO)

Gino's Pizza states the incident was against their code of ethics.
Toronto Staff Writer
Gino’s Pizza Fires Toronto Employee For Yelling Homophobic Slurs At A Customer (VIDEO)

One of Ontario's popular pizza chains found themselves facing some backlash on Twitter over the weekend. Gino's Pizza faced accusations of homophobia on Saturday, February 15, 2020, after a video of one of their employees calling a customer homophobic terms surfaced online. Since the video has been released, Gino's Pizza states that they have fired the employee and are taking the matter very seriously. 

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

The video, which was filmed by Jeremy Mizu, shows a Gino's Pizza employee arguing with Mizu. During the confrontation, Mizu can be heard yelling out, "Yeah, I can film you. I am allowed" before the employees respond by using homophobic terms.

An edited version of the clip was later shared by Rob Gill, a self-proclaimed LGBTQ advocate, who helped the incident receive more widespread attention.

An online discussion later started up about the incident, with Mizu stepping in several times to clarify details about the incident.

"Last night I was called a faggot and told to leave store because I opened the door and it was cold. This is the worker after the manager had been standing up for him. Here he is calling me a faggot and smirking."

"I opened the door once. The Irish girls were with me and were telling the manager how it's unacceptable, and we want a refund. They did not give us said refund. But either way to call me a faggot several times for opening the door? Still unacceptable," he continued.

Mizu is also claiming that he was denied service because he was gay.

Gino's Pizza confirmed via Twitter on Saturday that the employee involved in the altercation had been "terminated."

"After being alerted to this situation by the Twitter community, Gino's Pizza management has been investigating this issue. This was clearly a violation of our staff conduct policies and code of ethics that all of our employees must adhere to," the statement read. 

"We take this matter extremely seriously, and as a result, the employee involved has been terminated. Gino's Pizza is a supporter of the LGTBQ community and apologizes for the actions of this former employee."

However, Mizu told Narcity that, "The situation isn’t over and I’m speaking to people about it already. The manager has not done his job."

Back in November, a Toronto woman was filmed yelling racial slurs at York University student waiting at a Zum bus stop.

The woman reportedly held up traffic to accost the students in an unprovoked attack.

Patrick John Gilson
Toronto Staff Writer
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