Commuters into the downtown core had an unpleasant start to the workweek today. GO train delays plagued Lakeshore West trains on Tuesday morning after a signal problem at Bronte-Appleby. Delays of over 60 minutes, cancellations and schedule changes were apparently made worse because no explanations were provided.

Passengers complained that the transit service left them in the dark about the cause of the delays. Metrolinx did appear to be updating customers via Twitter, but it is uncertain whether they made announcements on the trains. Many people are even demanding refunds after today's messy morning commute.

Unfortunately, delays weren’t the only problem that commuters dealt with this morning. According to CP24, the TTC reported that PRESTO reloading machines were not accepting credit or debit payments in the early hours. 

Metrolinx has since apologized for the PRESTO glitch. “We know it's been a rough first day back to school/work, but we are working as quickly as possible to fix the Lakeshore West and PRESTO issues. We hear your frustration and appreciate your patience.”

As for this morning's GO train delays, the issue was eventually resolved, although delays are still expected.

“Good news: The signal problem on LSW has been fixed. Delays, some over 60 minutes, cancellations, and modified trips will still remain until we can get back on schedule. We know your time is valuable and understand your frustration. We thank you for your patience.”