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You'll Finally Be Able To Get Free Wifi On The GO Train Starting Next Year

GO Transit just made it official!
You'll Finally Be Able To Get Free Wifi On The GO Train Starting Next Year

Metrolinx just released some good news for their passengers this morning. They will now be offering wifi on trains and buses starting spring 2020, so no more dipping into your data while you are on the bus to school or work. GO train wifi will be available soon after Metrolinx signed an agreement with Icomera Canada Inc. to connect all 1,475 GO buses and trains to the service by next year.

"We're excited to share this news with GO customers," said Associate Minister of Transportation Kinga Surma.

"Our government is delivering on its promise to make life easier for people by giving them the opportunity to stay connected to family, friends and colleagues while travelling to work, school or appointments."Their social media has got some awesomely relatable memes that about commuting that proves GO is totally in tune with what you're up to during your commute. 

Icomera, the company they signed with, is a leading global provider of wireless internet to public transit. Wi-Fi will start to pop up on Go busses and trains in the springtime and it should be a totally completed project by the end of 2020. 

GO Transit Wi-Fi will include internet access and free entertainment content through the company's own user-friendly portal.

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