I don’t know about you, but when it comes to any kind of travel, safety ranks as pretty much the most important thing. Just sayin', I’m trying to arrive wherever I’m going as calmly and as intact as possible.

And apparently GO Transit agrees. All Torontonians/ Hamiltonians/ anyone in Ontario will know, getting to and from the 6ix would not be possible without GO.

Sure, you can drive... or not, since kicking back on the train or bus and not having to worry about a thing is the ideal way to go (pun definitely intended).

GO’s new campaign is all about raising awareness of safety because, guys, let’s get real: so many things are totally avoidable! I know, I know — it sounds like I’m stating the obvious, but hear me out.

We’re all creatures of habit — from where we park at GO stations to the seats we ride in. In other words, with routine comes, ahem, certain behaviors that sometimes risk our own safety and that of others.

What’s super cool about this six-week campaign is that GO is featuring installations at six different stations across the GTA. This includes Union Station, Bramalea, Oakville, Burlington, Guildwood, and Exhibition.

Plus, each of these installations will call out common safety concerns — think anything related to walking, boarding, and even parking.

Here’s what’s up at each installation:

Bacteria-resistant paint on handrails (how cool!), ‘cause ain’t nobody got time to slip and fall.

Increased signage to mark safe crossing areas and dissuade running across parking lots, plus a reminder to stay behind the yellow line when on the platform.

A cool interactive backpack installation at Union Station to remind y’all of the safety implications of wearing a backpack while on the platform.

And real talk, guys, as GO is always promoting safety all year round, their dispatch is available 24/7 at 1-877-297-0642.

To explore more of GO's latest campaign, check out the installations for yourself! And be sure to tag your photos with #GOsafely on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter