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GO Transit Is Finally Ramping Up Rush Hour Service To Toronto Starting Next Week

The Lakeshore and Kitchener lines will be getting a much-needed upgrade in service.

Finally, am I right?! Riders of two of GO's busiest lines, Lakeshore and Kitchener are going to get a much-needed expansion in rush hour service.

Starting Monday of next week, The Ministry of Transportation says the Lakeshore line in and out of Toronto will be getting an additional 220 trips per week. This is a 21 percent increase in service, allowing for less time spent waiting for trains.

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The Kitchener line will see an extra trip during morning rush hour from Malton to Toronto's Union Station. Seat capacity for this line is also going to be increased. Two morning and evening rush hour trips beginning and ending at Kitchener GO station will now have a 12 car train rather than a 10 car.

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Aside from train transit, there will also be 180 new bus trips per week across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area including a new bus stop in Richmond Hill.

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At a Press Conference today, Transportation Minister John Yakabuski said this will be the largest GO Transit expansion in five years. “With these new trips there will be more than 400,000 train seats available each and every week,” he said.

The expansion is due to a Progressive Conservative campaign aimed at reducing congestion in the region. "Less time spent worrying about catching that train means more time spent on the valuable things that people care about, like family, friends and work,” Yakabuski said.

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Well, thank god for that! I can imagine those on the Lakeshore and Kitchener lines are more than sick of crammed rush hour commutes.

Source: Toronto Star, CTV News