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GO Train Is Slashing Service Even More After Ridership Plummets By 90%

The reduced service comes into effect on April 8.

Metrolinx is slashing service after reporting a 90 percent reduction in GO Transit ridership over the last month. The company has already removed trains and buses less from the schedule, and they are about to take that up a notch. Go Transit's reduced service means that as of April 8, major trains will only run every 60 to 90 minutes.According to a statement on their blog, "most stations will continue to be served – just less frequently."  Usually, trains run about every half hour or less. "Staff will monitor all routes closely, and have the ability to add more service if required," says the statement from Metrolinx. Bus schedule changes, as well as train schedule changes, are up on their website, so you can double-check how your route is affected."We are also monitoring the numbers closely to ensure we can maintain physical distancing on all of our vehicles and routes," says their statement. 

Anne Marie Aikins tweeted the update earlier today and has reached out to front line workers who may have issues with the changes."Requesting our healthcare workers review schedule ASAP & let us know if it doesn’t work for you. We want to ensure we get you to your jobs on the frontlines," she wrote in a tweet.

It seems like the reduction is service is going to be flexible and monitored by staff. They will add more trains and buses as needed. UP Service will be running every 30 minutes.For now, it seems the most sustainable option is to curb the amount of trains and buses. As social distancing continues to be practiced in Ontario, photos of empty trains and buses have been shared online. A big difference from the packed trains and crowded platforms that we are all used to.

Metrolinx has also taken a physical distancing precaution of allowing for a maximum of 18 passengers in a 72 seat area, according to their statement.

Customers are asked to use one seat per quadrant of four and to avoid doorway and standing locations.