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The Golden State Warriors Are Already Shading Drake & The Raptors In The Arena During The Pregame (VIDEOS)

As all basketball fans know, the Toronto Raptors are facing off against the Golden State Warriors for Game 3 at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California tonight. As of publication time, the pre-game is underway. Apparently, this American team has a funny bone. The Golden State Warriors are shading Drake by playing a diss track during the pregame. We gotta say, this is pretty creative. 

Drake is known for two things – loving the Raptors and dissing other artists in his songs. Back in 2018, the tables were turned when Pusha T released a diss track about Drake. 

This brutal mix called out Drake and how he was a father to a porn star's kid that he kept a secret. Pusha T also takes a hit at Drake's parents, asking them to stay off Instagram. Their beef is nothing new and according to Rolling Stone, it dates back all the way to 2016, when Drake released Two Birds One Stone with Kanye West. 

The song by Pusha T, The Story of Adidon, was an instant hit. Apparently, it was such a good bop that the Warriors were warming up on the court while listening to the diss track. 

Whether or not this low jab at Drake and the Raptors was on on purpose, the entire Internet is going wild over it.

In a video posted on Twitter, you can see the players running around the court warming up while the song plays over the sound system for literally everyone to hear.

People who are at the game were quick to catch on to this shade and have now taken to Twitter to share it. 

Literally dozens of tweets are coming in about the Warriors playing the diss track. Some are saying it’s a cold, low blow at Drake and the competing team. 

Others can’t help but laugh at the idea of it happening and are so glad they got to witness this history-making moment. 

One person even said that the song was on repeat during the pregame! While we can’t confirm that because none of us have thousands of dollars to spend on tickets, we do know it played at least once. 

Whether you like the shade or not, you have to admit, it is clever. 

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