Petty criminals have hit a whole new low. Durham Regional Police warned residents this Friday to keep an eye out for scams in the region as reports of fraudulent schemes, some of which target local grandparents, continue to flood in.

The Durham police have labelled the scam targeting the elderly, the "Grandparent of Emergency" Scam. The scheme is simple - the scammer calls up an elderly resident and pretends to be a "grandchild" in desperate need of funds due to an emergency and pleads for the senior to give them cash through a money transfer.

Details from a recent case pictured a desperate "grandson" who claimed that he had been arrested for distracted driving. The fake relative managed to convince the victim into almost handing over the funds to a third party, thankfully for the concerned grandparent, their bank quickly intervened.

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Scams relying on distraction have also been on the rise in Durham. The fraud occurs when the victim is unwittingly distracted by one of the perpetrators while their partner sneaks up from behind the victim and pickpockets them. Those in the area should exercise caution while taking money out of an ATM as this is typically when the thieves carry out their plan.

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Police are releasing surveillance images in hopes of identifying a male and female who used a distraction technique to steal a debit card from an unsuspecting victim.

February 7, 2019

Police have publicly released surveillance images of a male and female suspect caught using the distraction scam to swipe a debit card from a victim. The male suspect looked to be his late 50's and was spotted wearing a green jacket, the female suspect is within the same age range and was sporting a black coat with fur trim and a black hat. See the two surveillance photos below:


Anyone with any details about the ongoing investigation should reach out to Deputy Constable Stuart of the Central West Division Criminal Investigations Bureau at 1-888-579-1520.