Alright, people who love musicals and nostalgia. You might want to take a seat, because you're about to hear some seriously awesome news.

Ready for this? Alright. Grease The Musical is back! And if you remember last year's show, then you know exactly why this is some seriously fantastic bit of news: it. Was. Amazing. 

Grease Toronto is pretty much one of the most epic live musicals you can witness this year in Toronto - it provides a fresh take on a classic story we all know and love, but still adds in the colourful characters and unforgettable songs (Beauty School Dropout, anyone?) that we all adore.

This fresh revival, from Broadway choreographer and director Josh Prince, takes Grease back to its roots on the gritty streets of 1950s Chicago.

So it's basically like the classic Grease we all know and love, but with a bit of a brand new spin. Plus, this year Grease The Musical is celebrating Grease's 40th anniversary... so you just know there'll be some special twists waiting!

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Although last year's show will be tough to beat, this year's show totally hits the mark. With stellar voices and dance moves to match, plus a young star-studded cast, Toronto's Grease The Musical will seriously blow you away with its talent, scenery, costumes and slick production.

Honestly, theatre fans, music fans and fans of having a good time (so everyone, basically) will totally fall in love with this show. 

Although Grease The Musical will be showing in Toronto as of May 24, Early Bird tickets will be available as of April 3, 2018 - oh, and if you order your tickets early and use the code EBIRD, you get up to 20% off and a free Grease t-shirt! Regular tickets go on sale April 6, and range from $20 - $169.

For more information on Grease The Musical in Toronto, check out their official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, and their website to get your hands on Grease's Early Bird Tickets!