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Green P Is Raising The Price Of Their Parking Rates All Across Toronto In 2019

Prices will rise in 167 Green P parking facilities in the next two months.

The parking situation in Toronto is never easy. Parking lots are always full, streets are congested, and most of all, it’s expensive. While many of us are trying to find ways this new year to make parking easier and more affordable, Green P has a different plan. Throughout the first few months of 2019, Green P Parking Facilities are changing their rates among most of Toronto, and the prices are going up.

As of January 14, Green P is implementing all price changes at uncontrolled facilities, and by February 11 all controlled facilities will also face price changes. These rate changes were approved by the Board of Directors of the Toronto Parking Authority and warnings are already appearing around various parking meters around the city about the changes that are being implemented.

167 parking facilities are going to be facing these price increases around Toronto in the upcoming months. These price adjustments are present in half hour, daily maximums and monthly rates. While these prices are increasing, Green P also announced that a number of the uncontrolled parking facilities are even getting rid of the day maximum.

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This means that anyone who has been using the maximum day rates while parking for their eight-hour shifts, or a day on the town, will now have to pay by the half-hour instead. Depending on how long your day is, this could significantly increase the amount that you have been paying for parking in the past.

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On average, a majority of monthly passes can be seen to raise $15- $30 and daily maximums, if they are still being kept in that area, are rising an average of $1.50- $4.00.

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Half hour rates are also rising around a majority of parking facilities run by Green P, the average price hike that you can expect to see is around 25 cents per hour. However, these half-hour price increases are not applicable to those facilities that are getting rid of day maximum parking.

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For those lots that are getting rid of the maximum day parking service, half-hour prices can be seen to drop around 25- 50 cents in attempts to make up for the quick high prices that can accumulate while using half-hour parking.

For a full list of car parks that are seeing price changes this year, you can view the Green P Public Notice.

Source: Green P