Growing Up In Toronto Vs. Growing Up In The Suburbs

We all loved Jimmy Brooks before he was Drake.

If you grew up in the city, you never knew if R. Hill was  a reference to Richmond Hill or the tobogganing hill in Riverdale. To all the suburbanites, remember the days you dreamt of going to The Guvernment? Though Canadian kids generally have a higher tolerance for cold weather and geese crossing the street, such tolerance levels very between area codes.

You'd be surprised by how much city and suburban kids have in common. We all drank Chubby Kids and watched The Zone on YTV, but we grew up exposed to completely different lifestyles. The grass may have seemed greener on the other side, but 416-ers and 905-ers have pros and cons of their own. We all do the same thing: eat, work, travel, party etc., so here are some similarities and differences between city and suburban kids can relate to:

1. Commuting:

We all grew up with a favorite TTC driver…and a not-so-favorite TTC driver. And let's take this moment to remember when bus tickets cost $2.50.

2. Partying:

You'd think suburbanites value a good house party, but not as much as getting ready for Lost and Found. Meanwhile, city kids threw the coolest house parties.

3. Traffic:

A red light's got nothing on a subway delay. But you'd rather be stuck at Union Station than sit in traffic between Dixie and Derry Road.

4. Going Places:

City kids will never understand why suburbanites get ready three hours in advance. Suburbanites need to take rush hour and travel time into consideration when going to school, work or EFS.

5. Approachability:

Suburban kids know not to ask anyone power walking in a suit for help. City kids give zero shits.

6. Asking For Directions:

Speaking of asking for help, suburban kids are the ones asking for direction while city kids are the ones giving them.

7. Weather Tolerance:

Suburbanite: *plays hooky on a rainy day*

City dweller: *shows up early on a snow day*

8. Brunch:

A.K.A. the ultimate showdown between Cora's versus Old School.

9. Seeing A Movie:

There's Rainbow Cinema's... and then there's TIFF Lightbox. Need I say more?

10. Work:

Working at Metro in the suburbs: no lines, no problem.

Working at Metro in the City: clean up in aisle 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.

11. Playing Outside:

City and suburban parents both know the importance of teaching their kids how to ride a bike – but city kids grew up accustom to honking horns and angry drivers.

12. The Ontario Science Center:

No matter where you're from, The Science Center was and will always be THE shit. We all loved touching that thing that made our hair stand up and spend all of our allowance in the gift shop. I mean, if Daniel Cook went there, than it must be good.

13. Field Trips:

Suburban kids know that the bus ride was undoubtedly the best part of any field trip while city kids hoped to get an empty subway car.

14. Hanging Out With Friends:

City kids lived a 3 minute subway ride away from each other and had Toronto at their disposal while suburbans kids would hope to get a ride to a friend's house and hang out at Promenade.

15.  The Sketchy Tim Horton's:

I bet you just thought of your sketchy Tim Hortons, whether that be the one at John and Woodbine or Yonge and Eglinton and anywhere in between. Let's face it, all Timmies become sketchy after 1 am...

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