Ontario Man Repeatedly Tried To Run His Neighbour Over With A Lawn Mower After A Dispute

The victim got away unharmed.
Guelph Lawn Mower Incident Leads To Man Trying To Run Over His Neighbour

An Ontario man is facing charges after trying to cut his neighbour out of his life. According to police, during a dispute, the 51-year-old man attempted to run over his neighbour with his riding lawn mower multiple times. Nobody was hurt in the Guelph lawn mower incident, but the accused is being charged with assault.

While lawn mowers are usually used to cut your grass, one Guelph man turned his into a weapon on Wednesday evening. 

An argument between two neighbours began at around 8:05 p.m. near Steffler Drive and Ironwood Road, according to a statement from Guelph Police. The suspect was on his lawn mower cutting the grass when the two got into an unknown disagreement.

The argument ended up escalating, and eventually, the suspect started to chase after his neighbour, using the lawn mower as his weapon.

According to the police, he attempted to run over the victim multiple times, but the neighbour was able to avoid being hit.

"One of the neighbours was mowing his lawn on small riding lawnmower at the time of the dispute and began repeatedly driving the mower at the victim. Fortunately the victim was able to avoid being struck," read the statement.

Now, the unnamed 51-year-old has a court date on September 8 and is being charged with assault with a weapon. 

While a lawn mower may seem like a weird choice of weapon, it's not the first time that the tool has been involved in a criminal case. 

Back in 2016, a Niagara man was charged with impaired driving while on one of these machines. 

According to CTV, multiple complaints were received by residents as he made his way through a rural area.

Another resident from Manitoba was also charged with impaired driving after he was caught driving a mower down the middle of the street. 

Per CBC, the man was pulled over by RCMP at 2 a.m in the morning where he reportedly told police he was driving a passenger to go get cigarettes. 

The man believed that he was being responsible for not getting behind the wheel of an actual car.