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Guy In Saskatchewan Throws Snake At Tim Horton's Worker For Not Putting Diced Onions In His Sandwich

Photo cred - Jordon Cooper

Talk about an overreaction. Two 20 year old dudes walked into a Tim Horton's in Saskatoon last week, looking to buy some sandwiches. Being pretty partial to diced onions, they asked the Tim Horton's employee if he could put some on their sandwiches. When the restaurant worker explained to them that Tim Horton's doesn't do diced onions, things got hairy.

The conversation quickly escalated into an argument, that pretty much ended when one of the dudes reached into his friends jacket pocket, pulled out a live snake, and threw it at the Tim Horton's employee. Why anyone would carry a snake in their pocket is a mystery for the ages, but it feels like a pretty Saskatchewan thing to do.

It turned out to be a non-venomous garden snake, but the staff had no way of knowing that, and they all booked it pretty quickly. Both of the guys involved in the snake throwing escapade have been taken into custody. The snake is unharmed, and will be released into the wild in the spring.

h/t elitedaily


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