Halloween Haunt At Canada's Wonderland Will Have 3 New Mazes & Wicked Attractions This Fall

Get ready to get spooked! 🎃

Jack-o-lanterns at Canada's Wonderland. Right: The Ruins maze at Halloween Haunt.

Jack-o-lanterns at Canada's Wonderland. Right: The Ruins maze at Halloween Haunt.

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Attention, girls and ghouls! Halloween Haunt is returning to Canada's Wonderland this month, unofficially marking the start of spooky season.

The sinister fall attraction is reopening on September 22, 2023 for its 18th year with screams and spooks of all kinds, transforming the park into a nightmarish world where terrifying creatures roam after dark.

This year, there will be three new mazes for visitors to explore — The Dark Ride, Necropolis and Trick or Treat Street.

The Dark Ride will take those brave enough to visit it into a sinister world of terror filled with ghoulish carnival workers and performers. Those with a fear of clowns, be warned!

Necropolis, a new maze at the park's Grande World Expo, will take visitors into the underworld, where "the dead wait to terrorize the living" and creepy mausoleums and dark tombs await.

Trick or Treat Street, a maze coming to the park's Frontier Canada area, promises a "twister Halloween street party" with deranged decor and eerie party guests -- join in the fun, if you dare.

In addition to these new scares, visitors will also be able to enjoy ghoulish street performers, live music, thrilling night rides and a variety of Halloween treats and brews specifically created for Haunt.

There will also be electrifying live shows, including a Day of the Dead Festival with a musical parade, costumes, and specialty food and drink, and a Freak Show that promises to captivate viewers with thrilling and gruesome acts.

Perfomers at Inferno at Halloween Haunt. Perfomers at Inferno at Halloween Haunt. Canada's Wonderland | Handout

Tickets for this iconic Wonderland event can be purchased online now.

For younger parkgoers, Camp Spooky will also be returning to Canada's Wonderland during the day, with trick-or-treating, dance parties, costume parades, pumpkin decorating and more starting on September 23 until October 29, 2023.

If you're not majorly into spooks but still want to enjoy the fun, don't forget that you can also purchase a No-Boo necklace to give yourself scare immunity from the monsters lurking in the park.

Halloween Haunt at Canada's Wonderland

\u200bThe Dark Ride maze at Halloween Haunt.

The Dark Ride maze at Halloween Haunt.

Canada's Wonderland | Handout

Price: $44.99+ per adult

When: Starting September 22, 2023

Address: 1 Canada's Wonderland Dr., Vaughan, ON

Why You Need To Go: Halloween Haunt is turning Canada's Wonderland into a scream park this fall with terrifying mazes and monstrous performers. Visit, if you dare!

Accessibility: See park's accessibility services .

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