You Can Actually Be Charged With Careless Driving For Eating A Poutine While Driving In Canada

The driver even had two children in the vehicle.
You Can Actually Be Charged With Careless Driving For Eating A Poutine While Driving In Canada
Ontario Editor

When it comes to careless driving, there are multiple activities that a driver can do to put themselves and others in danger. However, one officer dealt with the most Canadian cases of careless driving yesterday after he pulled over a driver for eating our 'national meal'. The Halton driver was caught eating poutine with both hands during rush hour traffic. 

Constable Marc Taraso with Halton Regional Police took to social media on Thursday night to express his concern after he pulled over a car that was driving on Dundas Street during rush hour traffic. The driver was pulled over after the officer spotted them eating poutine with one hand holding the bowl and the other hand holding the fork, which meant no hands were on the steering wheel.   

Tarso stated that the driver was given a careless driving ticket and even stated, "Which hand is available for steering?" To make matters worse, the driver also had two kids in their vehicle during the incident. 

Tarso reminds drivers that there is a big difference between taking a sip of coffee and eating while driving. Tarso reminds drivers that taking a sip of coffee with one hand is a lot more acceptable than having no hands on the steering wheel while navigating your vehicle through rush hour traffic. 

Amazingly, this isn't the only crazy driving charge that has been given in Canada throughout the years. Earlier this summer Manitoba RCMP dealt with an even crazier case when a 16-year-old teen was stopped after going 170 km/h in a 100km/h zone. 

Once stopped by police, the teen revealed that he had been speeding because he had "ate too many hot wings and needed a bathroom."

Another driver was charged by RCMP in Coquitlam last month after doing 117km/hr in a 60km/h zone, which is almost double the legal speed limit. 

The driver told officers that the reason that they were speeding was that they were rushing home to watch the newest episode of Games of Thrones and didn't want to miss it. 

However, no matter how crazy or Canadian your excuse is, you likely won't get away with it. Police remind drivers that there is no excuse for driving carelessly, no matter how hungry you may be. 

Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor