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This Terrifying 18+ Escape Room Near Toronto Traps You With A Serial Killer And It Will Have Your Pulse Racing

If you love horror movies, you need to try this terrifying escape room! Located near Toronto, this Hamilton escape room traps you with a serial killer and will have your pulse racing as you attempt to escape. Be warned though, this room is so creepy that it has a strict 18+ age requirement.

Alcatraz Escape Rooms in Hamilton, Ontario is known for their immersive and well designed escaped rooms. If you are feeling brave, you have to try their room called Lets Play A Game.

In Lets Play A Game, the story is you are a detective who is investigating a horrendous murder. While investigating the crime scene looking for a suspect, you quickly find yourself in danger too. The escape room will test you to see if you can solve the crime, and escape before you are the serial killer's next victim.

This insane escape room is going to give you goosebumps. It is so scary that they have a warning before you book the escape room that it isn't recommended to anyone with a heart condition and that it has mature and frightening content.

The incredible room design is fantastic, and you'll feel like you've stepped into a horror movie. Be prepared to jump with every creepy noise as you search for a way to escape from the killer.

For Lets Play A Game you have 1 hour to escape with a team of 4 to 8 people. This room is incredibly challenging and might be the hardest escape room in the city, as it currently only has a 17% escape rate. As such, this wouldn't be a good room if you haven't done an escape room before. When inviting your friends to join your team, you'll want at least a few people who are experienced at escape rooms if you want any chance to succeed.

Are you brave enough to try this escape room? You can reserve a timeslot to Lets Play A Game on Alcatraz's website.

Lets Play A Game Escape Room

Price: $30 a person

Address: 604 Concession St., Hamilton, Ontario

Why you need to go: Can you escape this terrifying escape room?


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