If Christmas is the season of giving, then autumn should be the season of giving to yourself. It’s pretty deserving, I believe, since the whole Christmas holidays include major stressful family encounters and rushing through a maze of stores to find that perfect yet last minute present.

The holidays are supposed to be just that - a holiday, but sometimes we tend to get quite overwhelmed by it all. From dragging yourself an office party to the reminder of the impending New Year’s resolutions, we’ve decided you deserve a little break this fall; which is why we’ve compiled a list of Hamilton things you and your BFF should treat yourselves to for under $35 this fall.

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Sing With A Live Band At Lou Dawg's

Cost: Free

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I’ve always been a huge fan of old-school karaoke, but nothing can quite beat the time I get up on the stage of Honky Tonk Central in Nashville and sang the lyrics of Dierks Bentley’s “Somewhere on a Beach.” There’s something about jamming with a live band that is so much more than a typical karaoke night, and every Friday at Lou Dawg’s, you get the chance to do exactly that.


Attend The CannaCrawl Harvest Edition

Cost: $5

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So this one’s a little different. Not very similar to a regular pub crawl, the CannaCrawl Harvest Edition is an event that will host over 70 vendors with an additional focus on high quality products, door prizes, live music and communities local art.


Play The Office Trivia Night At Stonewalls

Cost: $10.99

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Beets. Bears. And the next answer is? (If you’ve selected Battlestar Galactica on your card, then you’ve moved on to the next round of The Office trivia night at Stonewalls).


Visit Dundurn Castle

Cost: $11.50

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This one is also most likely haunted, but you can still explore Dundurn Castle for it’s rich history and stunning architecture. Built in 1835, the forty room castle is 18,000-square-foot and is a lot more than a perfect location for special events and graduation photos.


Attend An Event At Westfield Heritage

Cost: $12

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The Westfield Heritage Centre in Rockton is quite the beautiful spot for a picnic, so why not do so with a community of locals who are just as eager to celebrate autumn as you are? On Autumn Sundays, you can enjoy the picturesque setting of Westfield and purchese sweet treats from their on-site store.


Get Lost In The Hanes Corn Maze

Cost: $12

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Like every episode of Game of Thrones, the Hanes Corn Maze is filled with twists and turns that you didn’t see coming. In like, the best no-red-wedding tragedy way possible (I can’t be the only one still mourning that).


Watch A Movie At The Starlite Drive-In

Cost: $12

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The drive-in is always fun, but there’s something about snuggling into a handmade fort in the back of your trunk that makes them a lot more fun in the fall. The Starlite Drive-In doesn’t close until December though is pretty weather dependent, so it’s a good idea to get that last-minute experience before the snow falls!


Attend Beethoven And Mozart's Talk & Tea

Cost: $12

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Beethoven and Mozart may be long gone, but they’re influence has remained for many, many years. At the FirstOntario Concert Hall, you can experience a fascinating glimpse into the “lives and music” of the iconic composers. Tickets also include coffee and treats!


Watch A Movie At Jackson Square

Cost: $12.50

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So I feel like I’m betraying the homeland of Cineplex Cinemas by stating this, but a movie at this old-school theatre is definitely something to treat yourself to this fall. With leather la-Z-boy seats and a perfect chance to then hit the downtown core after the film, Landmark Cinemas 6 is one of those quality over quantities (again, apologies Cineplex).


Discover Hamilton's Haunted History

Cost: $13.25

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I once had a birthday party during a haunted tour of Hamilton’s Custom House, which - I am quite ashamed in admitting this - made me miss about a week’s worth of sleep because I was convinced a ghost had followed me out of the house and was stalking me . . . I was 10, okay?!


Visit The Canadian Warplane Museum

Cost: $15

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I’ve always been obsessed with the history of both World War I and World War II, so visiting the Canadian Warplane Museum was kind a tradition growing up. A large venue that features dozens of military plans and flight simulators, this is definitely something to treat yourself to this fall.


Get A Reading From Psychic Sandee At Toast Wine Bar

Cost: $15 - $20

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There's not much better than a night of wine and psychic readings. Every Wednesday starting October 10, you can get a card reading from Psychic Sandee at Toast Wine Bar on John Street.


Watch A Performance Of The Rocky Horror Picture Show At The Zoetic

Cost: $18 - $24

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Come on ya hot patooties! This iconic film is already epic on the big screen, but imagine watching it in a large theatre filled with people belting the lyrics?! At The Zoetic, a performing arts theatre, you can show up in your best Frank-N-Furter costume and find your very own Rocky Horror.


Attend Psychedelic Halloween Scaretastic Double Bill

Cost: $20

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Fat Cats have made quite the reputation of hosting epic Halloween shows in the Hammer, and you bet their bottom that they're coming back for another fantastic night of music and fun on October 27.


Run The Peak-2-Peak Race

Cost: $25 ($35 if paid on day of the event)

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Is there really such thing as a mountain ain’t no high enough? I don’t know about you, but even running from the basement stairs to the top level of my home is tough enough, but if you really think you’re game, then attend this epic Peak-2-Peak run that goes through hills and challenging terrain.


Attend Beer School With Shawn & Ed Brewing Co.

Cost: $25

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Now this is a class that I definitely wouldn’t fall asleep during. At Shawn & Ed Brewing Company, a brewery in the community of Dundas, you can discover all the flavours of various malts in a two-hour educational series. Also included is a flight of four beers, four steeped grain samples, and assorted breads from Dear Grain - you know, for science.


Get In On Some Trampoline Dodgeball

Cost: $30

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Now I try to make damn sure that nobody makes me bleed my own blood, but if it happens during a session of trampoline dodgeball at the Flying Squirrel, then I think that’s pretty fair game. On October 19, you can throw your frustration in the most funnest (and healthiest) way possible.


Join A Course Of Introductory Meditation

Cost: $30

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Fall may be meant for a pumpkin spice latte diet, but for just $30 each, you and your BFF can treat yourselves to thirty days of unlimited yoga at the Evolve Massage, Yoga, Chiropractic & Wellness Centre in the city!


Attend The Paint Night And Pot Luck Dinner

Cost: $30

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On October 2, you can get the chance for a paint night with a bit of a twist. Located in the apple orchard and around a campfire, the evening begins with a picnic around sunset hour followed by a great session of painting and conversing around the firepit.


Choir! Choir! Choir!

Cost: $32

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Okay, now this one sounds awesome. Described as an experience like no other, the Choir! Choir! Choir! show is operated as a sing-along performance led by the talents of Daveed and Nobu. After getting your lyric sheet, be prepared for the entire room to burst into song - and the best part? These aren’t just any songs, but a tribute to Fleetwood Mac’s best tunes. Won’t want to go your own way with this one!


Attend The Great Gatsby Party Cruise

Cost: $35

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There ain’t no party like a Gatsby party, and you won’t have to travel to the 1920’s to experience this one. At the Hamilton Harbour Queen, a boat tour on the city’s waterfront, you can party on a Gatsby-themed cruise with the only disadvantage being that Leo won’t be there to celebrate with you (It's okay Leo, we'll never let go).


Join A Wood Sign Workshop

Cost: $35

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Quite the adorable idea, this wood sign workshop encourages people to paint, stain and stencil their own wood sign! Perfect for upcoming Christmas gifts or for your own pleasure, come attend this October 25 event on Upper James’ Boston Pizza.