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Harry Potter Themed Bar Opens In Toronto

Mischief will definitely be managed.
Harry Potter Themed Bar Opens In Toronto

Potter-heads rejoice: Toronto is now (FINALLY) home to a bar that pays tribute to the boy who lived.

"The Lockhart" , located at 1479 Dundas West, is named after a not-so-obvious Harry Potter character: Gilderoy Lockhart. For those of us who haven't read the books four times, Lockhart was the lousy Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher with some phenomenal hair, featured in the second book of the series.

Why the name? We're not sure, but perhaps it was a better fit than "The Longbottom."

Photo -Natalia Manzocco

The name is not the only part of this bar that reminds us of J.K. Rowling's brilliance: a neon sign shaped as a heart encircles the words "all was well", the last words in the last book. This touch of nostalgia actually makes us want to shed a small tear (while also Instagramming it ASAP). Be sure to look out for the hidden Deathly Hallows symbol featured somewhere in the bar and a deer head (aka patronus) mounted on the wall.

Anyone remember the potion called "Befuddlement Draught"? If consumed, it causes the drinker to "become belligerent and reckless", and you can bet your broomstick it's on the menu, renamed Befuddlement Brew(along with many other Harry Potter inspired beverages).

This is definitely a place to get some mischief managed. Check out their Facebook here.

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